No Time

From the News and Record Opinion page....Meredith knows the time.

"Americans listened in amazement when Sen. Mitch McConnell asserted on March 31 that President Trump was too 'distracted by impeachment' to pay attention to the coronavirus. A timeline:
Dec. 19, 2019: China announces coronavirus.
Jan. 21: First U.S. case of coronavirus per CDC.
Jan. 31: Italy announces Coronavirus.
Feb. 5: Trump impeachment ends.
Feb. 10: Trump Manchester rally.
Feb. 19: Trump Phoenix rally.
Feb. 20: Trump Colorado Springs rally.
Feb. 21: Trump Las Vegas rally.
Feb. 28: Trump Charleston rally.
March 2: Trump Charlotte rally.
March 11: World Health Organization declares worldwide pandemic




The gullible right

Doesn’t accept reality. Plus, they figure Drumpf does his best work on the back nine. I wish he would just drop dead.