Day 20

Warning: Rant ahead

People around me are doing their best to stay optimistic, holding on to shreds of information that suggest things might soon be getting better. That doesn't seem right to me, unless by "soon" you mean three or four months. The United States has so mismanaged its pandemic response that we are nowhere near the peak of infections and deaths. Worse still, the prospect of even more damage is growing with every idiotic action taken by the Trump crime family.

I read the news for 30 minutes this morning and the words that burned through my brain were: Accessories to murder. People are literally dying because of Trump's gross incompetence. But it's not just about the miserable piece of trash pretending to be president, it's also his Republican enablers in the Senate, especially Thom Tillis. They should all be drawn and quartered.

Trump's top expert, Dr. Fauci, complained out loud yesterday that we don't have a national stay-at-home order in place. How long till he's fired? I dunno. Trump seems to be afraid of Fauci and reluctant to shut him down. But there will be no national stay-at-home order forthcoming. Trump thinks the lines between states on a map are real things, like his magical border wall, and that disease and infections can't cross over them. Such a god-damned moron.

In his daily Trump ass-kissing call today, Thom Tillis went on about holding China accountable for the pandemic, but praised the Orangeman for his stellar response to protecting Americans. Yes, he literally said that. Still no word about whether Tillis intends to apologize for his role in saddling America with the continued burden of The Worst President in History.

ICYMI, Trump fired the aircraft carrier captain who sent a memo to his chain of command about the growing pandemic aboard his ship. Takeaway? If you're a conscientious leader you get fired; if you're a war criminal, you're golden.

Last but not least, Dan Forest. Last week he criticized Governor Cooper for acting quickly to contain the pandemic. The next day he said he was in favor of the action, but against the way Cooper did it. He's full of bull. Dan Forest voted AGAINST the action when he had the chance, and now he's rightfully getting blasted for political posturing. Fast forward to this week, when Forest criticized the state board of education for its decision not to extend a contract with the much-maligned iStation. He immediately got slammed by a growing army of educators who know iStation is crap. Then Forest backpedaled again, saying he was misunderstood.

I don't know about you, but the guy doesn't inspire much confidence.

Update on masks: Jane and I have decided to make some masks and give them a try. Will keep you posted.



Forest is an empty suit,

and his lack of substance is forcing him to attack Cooper, whenever he sniffs an opportunity. But he's not smart enough to know that a pandemic is not the right environment for that nonsense. Unfortunately, his base is even more clueless, and will vote for him no matter what he does.

Leading from the bottom

One step down(if that is possible) is Phil Berger who has done about everything he could come up with to hurt NC's poor and working,middle class.

Fritz Pardue