Tillis audition for stand-up comedy gig?


Decisive leadership >oo<

Just when you thought Tillis couldn't be any more of a partisan dick, he has the gall to talk about Trump's "decisive leadership" ?

This is the same Trump that sat on the viruscrisis for two months, quashing research and keeping life-threatening information from the public.

Decisive leadership my ass.

More Trump lies

Unemployment benefits

Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen anyone that's talked about extending NC's unemployment benefits because of the crisis. There are plenty of people that are going to be laid off or put on temporary leave because of the crisis. And there's probably some small businesses that are going to go under.

Reform is much-needed,

even in the absence of COVID 19. We're still stuck with the horrific cuts the NC GOP made back in 2013, which not only reduced the $ and duration of unemployment, but made those folks no longer eligible for Federal extension payments.

The one (and only) Democrat that Republicans allowed on that particular committee is Wiley Nickel, and he's been pushing them to fix it. But don't hold your breath, because Republicans are just as close-minded about that as they are Medicaid extension.