NC House races that need Democratic candidates

District# Dem candidate filed

01 *Emily Nicholson
03 *Cynthia Deporter
04 *Christopher Schulte
06 *Tommy Fulcher
07 *Phillip Stover
10 *Carl Martin

(many more below the fold)

12 *Lenton Brown
13 *Buck Bayliff
15 *Carolyn Gomaa
16 *Deborah Fintak
26 *Linda Bennett
46 *Timothy Heath
51 *Jason Cain
53 *Sally Benson and John Fitzpatrick
55 *Gloria Overcash
65 *Amanda Bell
68 *Ericka McKnight
69 *Pamela De Maria
70 *Susie Scott
73 *William Stinson
75 *Gardenia Henley
76 *Alvena Heggins
77 *Barbara Howard
78 *Jim Meredith
80 *Wendy Sellars
81 *Robert Jordan
84 *Gayle Harris
85 *Ted Remington
89 *Gregory Cranford
90 *Beth Shaw
91 *Rita Cruise
95 *Amanda Kotis
97 *Greg McBryde
108 *Daniel Cuadill
109 *Susan Maxon
111 *Jennifer Childers
112 *James Hallyburton
114 *Susan Fisher
115 *John Ager
118 *Alan Jones
120 *Susan Landis

If you know of anybody who has (openly) declared for any of these seats, drop a comment below and we'll update.



It's down to 39...

I had hoped to see more names than this, but we'll see what today brings.

Still need 26 candidates

Since today is the last day of filing (hint,hint), hopefully it will be a Big Day of filing.

Thank goodness

I'll update the names of the candidates tomorrow morning from the Board of Elections, just to be on the safe side. But this is fantastic news.

Three seats remain uncontested

But that's still an incredible turnout of candidates. Ten (or even six) years ago, we were leaving 25-30 of these races uncontested wins for Republicans.

Good job.