A turning point for Dan Forest?

Not every politician was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but Dan Forest was. And for most of his life, his wealth was inconsequential. He kept to himself and did relatively little damage. Even as lieutenant governor, his impact on anything important has been negligible, though teachers might say it's been negative.

But now that Mr. Forest is pressing himself forward to be North Carolina's next governor, his ideas and beliefs matter, as does his character. I don't know him at all. I just know what he says through publicity and on social media. Here's my impression:

The character dimension of Dan Forest is puzzling. He seems to be one of those evangelicals who adore Donald Trump in all his destructive glory, his lies, and his treason. Dan Forest doesn't HAVE to suck up to Trump, he's doing it gladly and with purpose. He's made the calculation that Trump's benefits are greater than Trump's moral degradation. Besides being a sell-out, he seems decent enough.

My mother, who was Baptized by Billy Graham, would be praying for Dan Forest right now to change his ways.

Dan's beliefs? Well, we know that he believes God is guiding his every step. He's against kneeling to the flag, but not to his Lord and Savior. As of this writing, it's not clear if he kneels in the presence of Donald Trump or not.

Ideas? Except for wanting to privatize public education through charters and vouchers, I've found Dan Forest all but missing in action. Here's an example of his thinking, from a Facebook post today.

"Economic prosperity must take precedence over partisan politics," Dan Forest, 2019

Ummm. Don't you think EVERYTHING should take precedence over partisan politics? And if not, why not?

That's the kind of vacuous happy talk you'll see from Dan, with a healthy dose of photo ops. Dan standing next to white people. Dan standing next to veterans. Dan eating something. Dan standing next to Donald Trump with their thumbs sticking up. Dan taking pictures of leaves. Or dogs.

It's all as predictable as Trump telling another lie before sun up tomorrow.

And that's what bothers me the most about Dan Forest. He condones Trump's lying because Trump might help him get elected.



Trump's not lying!

That's the new GOP play ... which started with Nikki Haley yesterday. Trump is truthful. Trump doesn't lie. She could barely stop herself from smirking.

Trumpers are all the same...

I loathe Trump and what he, his family, and his appointees and the GOP and religious nut-cases are doing to our country. Every day is like having one of those nightmares where something awful is happening and you're fighting to escape and can't, and you wake up sweating and exhausted. What terrifies me is there are millions who approve of and revel in what's happening. As long as what's happening doesn't directly harm them, they don't care, and they're too shallow to see that it will eventually harm them...or their children, etc. It's, to me, perhaps like having been a decent German during Hitler's reign or an 1860s Southerner opposed to slavery...yet living in the midst of fervent believers whose behaviors are antithetical to one's every moral and ethical principle. I don't know whether to go blind or go bowling...so to speak.

Stan Bozarth

He's already spending tons of money

We recently had our Fall Festival, which features hundreds of booths with everything from hand-made crafts to Jehovah's Witnesses. In addition to having a booth with five people manning it, Dan Forest had 2-3 dudes wandering the crowd handing out big round stickers. Every third child had one plastered to his or her shirt. Oh, and a couple of the Dan Forest guys were sporting MAGA hats also, and Evil Steve kept bugging me to go over there so he could knock the hats off...