My Veterans Day message to Senator Tillis

For the past ten years or so, I've greeted Veterans Day with a barrel full of cringe. The pandering from politicians nearly takes the breath away. It's embarrassing.

This year, the Veterans Day noise has been deafening. From Trump on down to the lowest kind of partisan hack, we're hearing enough happy talk to last a lifetime. Thom Tillis may be the worst, with this Facebook post.

I want to wish every veteran the very best on Veterans Day. North Carolina is home to almost a million veterans so if you see a veteran today or any day of the week, thank them for their service. It’s because of those who are willing to lay down their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy, we live in the greatest nation. If you’re a veteran or you know a veteran who needs assistance dealing with the federal government, please contact my office. You can reach me online at or give us a call at (910) 856-4630. Thank you to our nation’s veterans and God Bless you all.

You really want to help veterans, Thom Tillis? Then get the goddamn traitor out of the White House. Because NONE of us veterans served in order to defend Donald Fucking Trump's right to lie to the American people. And NONE of us went to war so Cadet Bonespurs could use bribery and extortion for personal political gain.

While there are some military people who do support Trump, every veteran I know, except one, thinks the president is a dangerous nut-job. The only question is whether impeachment is the appropriate response. Should a president be impeached for extortion and lying? To answer that, look at the Framers' original intent.

In sum, the Constitution’s structure frames the question of impeachment and removal around its textual insistence that with great executive power comes great responsibility. And because the Constitution seems to have created a relatively open door when it comes to impeachment, a plausible assumption is that impeachment, qua impeachment, was never meant to be such an exceptional oversight mechanism. Just as it is plausible to argue that removal would be rare.

There is no question that a more routine use of impeachment inquiries might be disruptive to the presidency. On the other hand, the threat of it being employed more often might just put some ballast back into our constitutional system in the face of the expansive sway of the modern presidency. It might temper just a bit presidents who think that, once popularly elected, they have a mandate to govern as they wish and ignore the constitutional fact that they have both powers and duties.

Impeachment is THE constitutional mechanism for reining in an out-of-control presidency. The Senate has a sacred obligation to take the proceedings seriously. So do your damn job, Senator Tillis. And spare us the pandering platitudes. We're not stupid.


PS I'm an ex-Navy officer who served as the navigator on two ships, and then spent three years with airborne US Marines at Camp Lejeune. I know that my views are shared by millions of veterans, but these words are my own.



He's the worst kind of hypocrite...

Giving Trump a thumbs up for stealing funds to build much-needed schools for NC's military kids, just for that stupid wall nonsense. No excuses will cover that crap, and no amount of Facebook bullshit.

Dan Forest is a close second.

Seems like he spends part of every day sucking up to NC veterans. He thinks were a bunch of idiots who will believe all of his happy horseshit.

Every time I think of these

Every time I think of these Trump supporting assholes I start to fume and sputter. Every f'ing one of 'em needs to be strangled with their own intestines.

Stan Bozarth

I'm good with that

But you can't start with Thom Thillis and Dan Forest. They don't have any guts.