Monday News: Hold your nose...


TRUMP HEADED TO FAYETTEVILLE TO BOOST DAN BISHOP: Trump’s visit comes less than a week after Hurricane Dorian meandered its way up the coast, devastating the Bahamas and flooding certain parts of North Carolina. It left Ocracoke flooded and generated tornadoes that trashed an Emerald Isle RV park. Trump will likely take verbal shots at McCready, as he did during his rally in Greenville earlier this summer. It remains to be seen whether he’ll talk about Fayetteville or Fort Bragg, the Army base just 13 miles down the road from the rally. Trump’s visit also comes less than a week after the Pentagon reported plans to divert about $80 million away from North Carolina’s military bases to pay for his proposed border wall. About $32.9 million of that is coming from a proposed elementary school at Fort Bragg.

DORIAN'S DAMAGE TO OCRACOKE WAS CATASTROPHIC, WILL TAKE MONTHS TO RECOVER: Ferry access to hurricane-ravaged Ocracoke Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks was limited to authorities and supply crews Sunday, as residents there continued work on what's expected to be a lengthy recovery effort. Damage surveys and work to clean up the mess left behind by Hurricane Dorian were underway, said Hyde County spokesman Donnie Shumate. There was still no power or any sense of when it might be restored, he said. While it was far too early to estimate the island's total economic damages, "It's going to be catastrophic for sure," Shumate said. Gov. Roy Cooper has said about 800 people remained on the island to wait out Dorian, which made landfall Friday morning over the Outer Banks and swamped Ocracoke with floodwaters. Residents said the damage is the worst anyone alive has seen, although no deaths or serious injuries were reported.

GAPS IN REPORTING TO FBI AND OTHER SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS ALLOW MASS SHOOTERS ACCESS TO FIREARMS: The man who killed more than two dozen churchgoers in 2017 in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was able to purchase guns because his past criminal record was not submitted to the FBI database. Devin Patrick Kelley purchased four guns from federally licensed dealers in Texas and Colorado. The military veteran passed the required background checks because the Air Force never informed the FBI about an assault on his wife and her child that led to a court-martial, a year of confinement and a bad conduct discharge. When Aurora, Illinois, shooter Gary Martin failed a background check and was told to turn over his weapon, he never did and police didn't confiscate it. Martin later killed five co-workers and wounded six other people at a suburban Chicago manufacturing plant. There's no mechanism under federal law to seize firearms from people who are prohibited from possession or purchase. Most states allow police to seize a firearm when they encounter a prohibited person. Few states have a procedure to actively retrieve and remove firearms from prohibited people.

NUMBER OF WOMEN WHO HAD TO GO OUT-OF-STATE FOR AN ABORTION GROWS: Although abortion opponents say the laws are intended to reduce abortions and not send people to other states, at least 276,000 women terminated their pregnancies outside their home state between 2012 and 2017, according to an Associated Press analysis of data collected from state reports and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While abortions across the U.S. are down, the share of women who had abortions out of state rose slightly, by half a percentage point, and certain states had notable increases over the six-year period, according to AP’s analysis. In pockets of the Midwest, South and Mountain West, the number of women terminating a pregnancy in another state rose considerably, particularly where a lack of clinics means the closest provider is in another state or where less restrictive policies in a neighboring state make it easier and quicker to terminate a pregnancy there. “In many places, the right to abortion exists on paper, but the ability to access it is almost impossible,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Women’s Health, which operates seven abortion clinics in Maryland, Indiana, Texas, Virginia and Minnesota. “We see people’s access to care depend on their ZIP code.”

TRUMP'S ABRUPT CANCELLATION OF PEACE TALKS WITH TALIBAN SETS STAGE FOR BLOODY ELECTION: President Trump’s decision to break off peace talks with the Taliban, at least for now, left Afghanistan bracing for a bloody prelude to national elections this month, while the administration declined on Sunday to rule out a withdrawal of American troops without a peace accord. In a round of television interviews, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed an attack by the Taliban for the cancellation of talks at Camp David this weekend that the administration had expected would lead to the signing of a peace agreement. The administration continued to face questions about what led to Mr. Trump’s sudden renunciation of the talks, including whether a sticking point was his desire to seal the deal himself in a dramatic summit meeting at Camp David and why he chose to go public (Twitter, of course) with the decision to withdraw the secret invitation to the Taliban.



Ignorance thrives in chaos

Trump knows that, which is why he pulls these abrupt about-faces on a weekly basis. He thinks it gives him the upper hand in negotiations, but it really just reveals he can't be trusted to honor even the simplest agreements.