Friday News: Hang on, OBX

EYE OF HURRICANE DORIAN PERILOUSLY CLOSE TO HATTERAS: “Life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds are expected to continue along portions of the North Carolina coast, portions of southeast Virginia and the southern Chesapeake Bay,” the National Hurricane Center wrote Friday morning. “Flash flooding is occurring, and will continue to become more widespread across the eastern Carolinas and far southeast Virginia this morning.” As of 8 a.m. Eastern time, the center of Hurricane Dorian was located 10 miles west-southwest of Cape Hatteras, N.C., as the storm’s eyewall battered the state’s Outer Banks. The eye of the storm itself was passing very close to Cape Hatteras. The storm was barreling northeast at 14 mph, a marked increase in speed compared to the past five days. Dorian’s hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 45 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 220 miles.

AG STEIN WARNS AGAINST "ME TOO" SELF-ADMINISTERED RAPE EVIDENCE COLLECTION KITS: A do-it-yourself evidence kit for rape survivors being marketed by a New York company won’t actually help prosecutors convict rapists, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein warned Wednesday. Creators of the MeToo Kit say the evidence collection process is so simple, anyone can do it. Following the instructions on a smartphone app, victims can conduct their own sexual assault exam. N.C. Attorney General Stein and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel have both recently issued statements warning that the company’s promises are dangerous and are unlikely to send a rapist to jail. “It is unconscionable that this company is suggesting that victims pay for a kit that likely won’t help bring a rapist to justice,” Stein said. “In fact, these kits are likely to undermine law enforcement investigations.” But Herring said it’s impossible for an untrained person to effectively examine themselves or even another person without cross-contamination of DNA or missing evidence needed at trial. Nurses must undergo more than 40 hours of training and have more than a year of nursing experience before they can be certified as a sexual assault nurse examiner.

MUSLIM CIVIL RIGHTS ORG TO HOLD MEETINGS IN RALEIGH AND GREENSBORO: Officials with the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organizations will speak at a town hall meeting in North Carolina about its work to protect civil liberties. The Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold the meeting Friday in Raleigh. Speakers include the organization's executive director, its national litigation director and its advocacy director. CAIR will hold a Know Your Rights workshop at the Islamic Academy in Greensboro on Saturday. Litigation director Lena Masri will discuss rights at work and school and in encounters with law enforcement. Materials will be available in Arabic, English, Farsi and other languages.

MILITARY SCHOOL KIDS SUFFER FOR TRUMP'S BORDER WALL: For almost two decades, families at Fort Campbell, the sprawling Army base along the Kentucky-Tennessee border, have borne the brunt of the country’s war efforts as a steady clip of troops with the 101st Airborne Division and from Special Operations units deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. This week, the families discovered that they would not get the new middle school they were expecting so that President Trump could build his border wall. The school is on the list of 127 projects, touching nearly every facet of American military life, that will be suspended to shift $3.6 billion to the wall. The Pentagon’s decision to divert $62.6 million from the construction of Fort Campbell’s middle school means that 552 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades will continue to cram themselves in, 30 to a classroom in some cases, at the base’s aging Mahaffey Middle School. Teachers at Mahaffey will continue to use mobile carts to store their books, lesson plans and homework assignments because there is not enough classroom space. Students stuffed into makeshift classrooms-within-classrooms will continue to strain to figure out which lesson to listen to and which one to filter out.

DEUTSCHE BANK LIKELY LAUNDERED MONEY FOR RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS: The congressional inquiry found instances where Deutsche Bank staff in the United States and elsewhere flagged concerns about new Russian clients and transactions involving existing ones, but were ignored by managers, two of the people said. Lawmakers are also examining whether Deutsche Bank facilitated the funneling of illegal funds into the United States as a correspondent bank, where it processes transactions for others, one of the sources said. The congressional probe, whose initial findings have not been previously reported, is at an early stage, and it is not yet clear whether it will lead to any action against the bank, the three sources said. The Democrat-controlled House began examining possible money laundering in U.S. property deals involving President Donald Trump, a Republican, earlier this year. The lawmakers are also looking into whether Trump’s dealings left him subject to the influence of foreign individuals or governments.



Both relieved and worried...

Relieved that Dorian didn't make a deep incursion into the state, with all the flooding that would have likely occurred. But any time an eye passes that close to the Outer Banks, the storm surge wreaks havoc.