There's nothing "happy" about Memorial Day


Yes, you read those casualty figures correctly

The North Africa Campaign was exceptionally brutal, for everybody involved. The numbers of missing in action for each of the Allied forces outnumber the (recovered) dead bodies.

A few days after I visited the above memorial (on the outskirts of Tunis), we traveled via 5-ton trucks out to train with the Saharan Brigade. Along with most of my fellow soldiers, I contracted a nasty case of dysentery, which killed thousands of German and Allied troops 40 years before I got there. It took ten days to get past that, during which I lost fifteen lbs, and had to drink an IV bag of Ringer's Lactate, because no matter how many times they poked, they couldn't get a vein.

The morning after I was able to eat half a plate of couscous and keep it down, I had to run five miles across the desert flats. My Sergeant Major was not medically trained, but he had some ideas about "purging toxins from the body," or something along those lines. With friends like that...

Memorial day

Kind of sickening watching the GOP parade of thoughts and prayers about dead soldiers. Too bad they (Tillis, Burr, McHorny, Rouzer, Walker, Holding, Forest, etc.) can't bothered to stand up against Trump's needless rush to war in Iran.