Tuesday Twitter roundup

Trying to head off a huge mistake:

This is sounding more and more like organized crime, not "school choice":

The auditor of 26 Arizona charter schools faces state sanctions after his work for American Leadership Academy and another school was found to be "woefully below" standards.

An Arizona Board of Accountancy investigative panel last month concluded Joel Huber had not correctly performed audits and failed to provide certain disclosures related to ALA and another charter school.

ALA used Huber's audits from 2015 to 2017 to obtain $192 million in bonds to acquire property and build ALA schools, loan records show. ALA founder and former board Chairman Glenn Way made about $37 million on no-bid real estate deals associated with the schools.

He's raking in cash on real estate deals, "managing" the teachers he leases to himself, and (of course) taxpayer dollars on a per-student basis. The last thing he wants is a top-notch accountant tracking all that lucrative behavior.

This is good news, but unfortunately that picture is symbolic of the two Americas we are now living in.

This should convince Congress it has a responsibility to act. These people put their careers on the line to do what's right, to protect our country from an out-of-control tyrant. But we can't rely on that for much longer.

Talk about a marriage made in hell. Regardless of Dan McCready's various flaws, the choice is still abundantly clear.

Your use of the term "infanticide" is not just extremely partisan, it's irresponsible as hell. You should be ashamed.

Getting really tired of these stories about chemical pollution. It's time to start charging the polluters with crimes, and not just fining them.

This was a bill "searching in vain" for a victim. There really is only one way to deal with bills like this, just say no.

That is the deepest pile of BS I've seen in awhile.

Yeah, they're all at some level of crazy...

Are you projecting? Because it feels like you're projecting.

Oh, he remembers what he did. He used his own Committee to gather intelligence about a DOJ probe, and then fed that intel directly to the subject of the investigation. Who then proceeded to obstruct justice and tamper with witnesses. And after betraying the trust of those trying to keep us safe, he has the gall to post stuff like this:

And you are neither qualified nor capable of safeguarding their identities or operations.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

That's entirely possible. The human race is more of a blight than a benefit...