Robeson County also under scrutiny in NC-09 race

And a pattern of fraud is emerging dealing with absentee ballots:

Steve Stone, chairman of the Robeson County Board of Elections, said state investigators have requested information the county board kept on an unusual number of absentee ballot requests. Stone said county elections officials began keeping logs of who dropped off large numbers of registration forms and absentee ballot requests, and they later reported their concerns to the state board in August.

Stone said county residents had reported that people were going door-to-door, telling voters that their registrations had been dropped and they needed to re-register. They were also asked to sign an absentee ballot request form, Stone said. At least five affidavits submitted to the state board described various instances of fraud, including multiple occasions when people came to voters’ doors to collect ballots and offered to fill them out for them.

I can't help but make the connection between an evangelical pastor and his devout followers breaking the law to get him elected. We usually associate these things with straight-up corruption, and blame money as the root cause. But I'm not so sure that's the case, here. As we've seen with the Word of Faith cult, breaking the law can be easily justified when religious beliefs are abused. Here are some serious irregularities as described by Gerry Cohen:

Gerry Cohen, an election law expert who used to work for the state legislature, said he found one precinct in Bladen County in which the results seemed odd. In that precinct, called Bladenboro 2, 159 people voted by mail — 18 Democrats, 32 Republicans and 109 unaffiliated. Only four were African American.

In that same precinct, 156 requested absentee ballots but never returned them, Cohen said.

“There are patterns that are at odds with behavior of North Carolina voters,” Cohen said. “It’s a whole series of suspicious events.”

Roger that. That's 315 absentee ballots requested, in just one voting precinct. There are probably entire counties that didn't have that many. This story is far from over...



During the voter id...

During the voter id hearing (lol) absentee ballots came up and the powers that be assured all in attendance that mail in ballots were sufficiently regulated. Riiiiiight!

I would advise everyone ....

... to use NC's voter ID lookup system to check on people you know that you're sure didn't vote in the last election, just to see if an absentee ballot might have been requested for them without their knowledge - not just in the counties that are being looked at.