Art Pope is worried about Dems taking over Congress

Your tears of frustration brighten my day:

According to over a half dozen top GOP donors who spoke with The Hill, conservative funders are getting nervous about the momentum Democratic candidates have been experiencing in congressional races and suggested that they might have to give up on trying to win the House to focus on keeping the Senate.

“Myself and many others are very concerned that this could be a wave year for the Democratic Party and for their candidates,” said Art Pope, a top Republican donor from North Carolina.

Okay, first of all, your grammar sucks. The use of the reflexive pronoun "myself" is out of place, which simply temporarily removing "and many others" would reveal to a 3rd grader. You wouldn't say "myself am very concerned," you would say "I am very concerned." Now that the really important stuff is out of the way: Art Pope isn't even close to being a top GOP donor, bless his cold, dark heart. He might be able to scrape up a couple hundred thousand, but compared to the Koch Brothers who are gearing up to spend some $400 million this year, that's not even peanuts. It's like...peanut shells. I don't know, I don't even have a good analogy of what it is. But I really like what this guy from Texas had to say:

Charles Wescott, a GOP donor from Dallas, touched on the bad position Republicans running find themselves in and emphasized the energy the left is feeling right now.

“There are only two ways for a Republican candidate to run: unopposed or scared,” Wescott said. “The energy is there on the left. If you’re not seeing it, it’s because your head is in the sand.”

But of course, Republican fundraisers thrive on spreading fear, so all this negative prognostication may be just a sales pitch.



He’s not worried

The deck is so stacked it’ll take a tsunami, not just a wave, to turn the traitors out. And make no mistake, Pope is one of those traitors. He and his whole opinion machine are neck deep in Cambridge Analytica sleaze. If there were any justice they’d all be in a Gitmo dog cage. Especially Woodhouse and Tillis.