Friday fracking video


Thank you for doing this

Year in and year out. People who don’t blog don’t really understand what a heavy lift it is.

We’re proud of you.

It's hard to believe

this is the 337th episode of this weekly post. And what's kind of alarming is it seems like I just posted the last one 2-3 days ago, not a whole week. If that's an artifact of getting old, I want nothing to do with it. :)

I had no idea it was that many

I guess I could have looked it up. Heh.

I know I'm not pulling my weight around here lately, but I can't seem to shake off my anger at what Republicans are doing to North Carolina. But then again, this is crunch time. If there ever was a moment for people in North Carolina to step up, this is it. 2018 can be and must be a wave election.

Democrats have been powerless to rein the GOP in for the past four years, and the GOP has done us the favor of gross over-reaching. On every front. They've had all the rope they've wanted, so the big question now is, "Will they hang themselves?"

I used to think it would take 10 years for blowback to happen. But maybe it's happening now.

Next year more than ever,

we need to push hard to get Democrats running in all 170 General Assembly races. You can't catch a wave if you're not in the water.

p.s. When you're on the front page (before opening the diary), and you hover your cursor over the headline, you should see a little drop-down reference to the link, which has the number of times that particular headline has been used.

I'm cautiously optimistic about recruiting

I'm hearing real enthusiasm on the part of party leaders about the crop of candidates who are running. But I have no way of judging for myself. Fingers crossed.

The other thing that needs to be happening is daily pushback. A bold effort every day to set the record straight.

We have a role in that, but I'm hoping the party will step up. One more reason NCDP needs a paid executive director.