Judge Dismisses Lottery Lawsuit

Breaking news in The Charlotte Observer as it reports online that the judge has dismissed the case brought by opponents of the North Carolina lottery.

There's a little more..

The Charlotte Observer yesterday printed a stunner saying that the lottery targeted low income individuals. The Observer's ability to state the obvious is a celebrated tradition, but after getting over the shock that they once again nailed the obvious, I read further and the article did give some specifics that were very troubling.

The lottery is something I haven't been able to get too interested in. I lived for 5 years in Ohio and in all 5 years probably didn't spend $100 on lottery tickets. If I'm going to throw money away I'd rather have some useless trinket to show for it. I guess I figure that gambling like alcohol, tobacco and other vices is simply something we will have to let people figure out for themselves.

Now that Charlotte has wonderful museums, hotels and a HOF....wonder when we'll get us a casino and some smut shops. (Well, we've got those...they just aren't downtown.)


Pope has to pay the State legal expenses!

On My! Judge Orr really screw up this time. Now he has to tap
John boy Hood and Art for more mo to pay the state for a
reverse trial lawyer worthless suit. I thought only liberal
trial lawyers were the cause for high cost law suits and settlements

One now understands why John Boy fail Econ 101 at CH during his billiant college career on what is a tax is! No wonder John boy was losing it today after the today ruling.

Hight also ordered the plaintiffs to pay the state's legal expenses.


Hadn't heard this bit. Such great irony! After Hood's ridiculous puffery around the meaning of taxes, this is very sweet. A tax is a tax, as he says. But a lottery is not a tax. Not by any stretch.

I hate the lottery more than almost anyone, but I'm glad to see the Puppets paying the piper.