Who's the liar, Berger or Lewis?

Yesterday, Senator Phil Berger said:

"This is not a racial gerrymander. This is not a political gerrymander."

Three weeks earlier, Representative David Lewis said:

"We want to make clear that we are going to use political data in drawing this map. It is to gain partisan advantage on the map. I want that criteria to be clearly stated and understood.”

It's way past time for the courts to take his clusterfluck away from the legislature and draw new districts itself.



Berger creates his own narrative

every time he opens his pie-hole. I've seen a lot of lying politicians in my lifetime, but Berger seems to do it automatically, without going through the process of deciding if a lie is going to be believable, or even necessary. And this dude is pretty much running the show at the General Assembly. Sheesh.