Meanwhile at a local Board of Ed Meeting

The Harnett County Board of Education held an emergency meeting this week. It seems the current superintendent recently submitted his resignation / retirement effective February 1st. The board had undergone some recent changeover as a result of both the election (one of the two Democrats on the board was defeated), and a couple of resignations with appointed replacements. Up to this point it all seemed like a fairly normal event that might occur in most any county. The board had changed, and it is easy to speculate that perhaps the superintendent found them difficult to work with and decided with 37 years in the system retirement looked good, or maybe the board wanted their own person at the helm and pressured him to resign. Regardless, the two week notice in the middle of the year is a red flag. But here is where things get interesting. Normally an assistant superintendent or retired administrator might be appointed interim superintendent to finish out the school year while the board conducts a search for a replacement. Instead in a 3-2 vote ( the lone Democrat and one of the recently appointed Republicans voting no) the board appoints a man named Aaron Fleming as interim superintendent. Who is Fleming? He is the agriculture and education policy advisor to Speaker of the House Tim Moore.