An unfitting end

We are done.


Winding down

BlueNC may have run its course. Ten years of fighting against the forces of evil, and for what? For not very damn much.

Ugly men like Art Pope and Donald Trump have tapped into the worst of humanity for their own dark agendas. They have unleashed hell on earth, and we all will pay dearly for failing to stop them.

The fight will go on, but not here. Facebook has eclipsed the world of blogging by a wide margin. You'll be able to find us there.

Thanks to all of you who have graced us with your ideas and attention over the years. Special thanks to Steve Harrison for his steady hand at the helm.


Deep Appreciation!

You have been such a beacon of light, individually and collectively. While glad that you will continue on Facebook, I will always treasure my years of access to BlueNC online.

Thank you Zate

We're looking at options to keep the site going, but everything is fluid right now. Too much madness to process. Too much ugliness to confront.

One last call to action

Go to your county board of election's meeting next week. I believe it will be on Friday. This meeting is called the "day of canvass" which is not to be confused with canvassing like door-knocking.

This is the day that results become official. This is the day when any issues left to deal with provisional ballots, challenged ballots, and stuff like that gets sorted out.

The governor's face and the attorney general's race in NC ended with some pretty close results. These county board of election's meetings should be open to the public, and we need the public eye on them to make sure things are done fairly and accurately. Just showing up makes a difference.

Call your county board of election's office, and ask the person who answers the phone for the details of their "day of canvass" meeting. You can find their number here:

*THIS* is the kind of thing I come to BlueNC for...

So, if the site does shut down, where is the best place to find these kinds of calls to action in one place? Jake's Facebook? EqualityNC?
And I need to read Vicki Boyer's missives too - so, Vicki - if you're reading, please tell me the best place to find you. If you don't I will have to hunt you down!!

I'm not sure there is another

I'm not sure there is another place. That's why I'm rethinking what to do.

NC Policy Watch has good policy coverage, but they have to restrain themselves because of their non-profit status.


in regard to Pope, Trump (and others), I agree with you completely. I told my wife last night that if Trump won it would be the end of my participation in the American electoral process on any level. Assuming my 1st Amendment rights aren't eventually stripped away, I may or may not ever comment on American politics. That being said, I now find my time too valuable to be a participant in a process that is negated by self-absorbed ignorance, racism, bigotry and hate. I've spent decades following American politics (especially in North Carolina.) I attempt to be objective in my thoughts, beliefs and writing but I'm also tuned into reality and the darkside of human nature.

Our State and country truly need a kick in the ass. Thanks for allowing me to post in the past. If there is ever anything I can do for you or Steve and is within my power, you have my e-mail address. Absolving myself from that which I neither control nor support will hopefully make me a better person.

Thanks for everything, James

I feel much like NCNative.

I'm not that many years away from retirement and considered moving to a more gay-friendly state then.

The election's moving up those plans.

Despite Cooper's very slim victory, I can't see anything but a downward economic spiral, a lower standard of living, and an increase in violence and hate against minorities in NC over the next few years. And with the gerrymandering we have in place - and that will likely stay in place with national Republican control - the situation probably won't change for another decade or more.

I'm tired and I have other, more personal battles that must be fought and won.

By the way, if anyone feeds you a line about how "welcoming" NC is or about Southern hospitality, point to these election results and tell them they're full of shit.

Thanks James

This has been one of my few bookmarked sites for political thought. Sorry to see it go, especially since I'm too damned ornery or rebellious or whatever to do FB.

I'm still reeling from the

descent into madness, and I am also conflicted about retiring this platform. But however this turns out, I do want to thank James for his dedication and vision over these tumultuous years, and express my gratitude to all of you for being part of the BlueNC family. The fight will go on, and the stories will be told.

You tried...mightily.

I've been here 10 years and 11 months. I've watched a lot of people come and go and we've had some good discussions here, learned some things, and kept trying to inject some humanity into NC politics. I think the one contest that grabbed me hardest was Larry Kissell. So many worked so hard to help pay his campaign debt and to help him run again and be elected to Congress. And the effing weasel turned on us. Whatever the next few years bring, the Republicans own it...lock stock and barrel. Let's keep that in mind and watch as they pretend to have finally heard the dissatisfaction with the "status quo" and proceed to screw everyone but their benefactors. If we're lucky, we at least have a chance for McCrory to disappear. Best to you...keep in touch.

Stan Bozarth

Bravo James


First, you deserve so much credit for the work that you and others have put into this site over the years. It is truly amazing, and need to know, among other things, that it is appreciated and has made a difference for many people.

Second, let's try to connect in the next few weeks to brainstorm ideas for future of this platform and community.

Thank you Targator!

For those who don't know, Targator is one of two founders of BlueNC, the other one being Lance. I came along well after they got started and carried the ball for as long as I could.

The offer of brainstorming ideas is most welcome. We need whatever help we can get.

A lot of people have been

A lot of people have been saying that this is not a good time to stop. They say we need a channel for grief and outrage and whatever else might be helpful.

This website has always been that for me personally, but I've never thought of it as filling that purpose for many others.


Group therapy

can be very effective, and it rarely involves fisticuffs. But the coffee is usually very bad. I will promise to grind the beans freshly before each session, and maybe procure pastries. ;)

The news media failed us all

with more coverage of the non-story emails than the real story - who the man just elected really is. Coverage of the ridiculous bathroom protection bill rather than devastating cuts to and sytematic attacks on public schools.

This is no time to stop exposing Republicans for who they really are. We can't count on big corporate media to cover what matters, and local newspapers continue to move toward hiding what they do cover behind a paywall.

I hope BlueNC will continue to be an outlet for the truth.

So many friends donating to ACLU

I've seen so many friends donating to the ACLU since the election with their posts on social media, and I think that's right on the mark. Not only because they came out with a bold stand saying they'll take Trump's policies to court, but also because democrats won control of the state Supreme Court with the election of Mike Morgan.

If we're going to fully access that avenue for justice at the state level, then we need to support the ACLU of NC. I'm proud to be a card carrying member.