Winston-Salem Journal Endorses Roger Sharpe

Today the Winston-Salem Journal, the 5th District's largest newspaper, has officially endorsed Roger Sharpe for the US House of Representatives.

The sad thing about Virginia Foxx's performance as the 5th District congressional representative is that it did not have to be this way. She had no need to be such a hard-right Republican marching in lockstep with the Bush administration and the House Republican leadership.

The Journal endorses Roger Sharpe, her Democratic challenger, for the 5th District seat in the belief that he would do more to try to bring about badly needed change in the Republican-dominated Congress.

Foxx has demonstrated time and again that she would be an impediment to such change. Once she had emerged from the loud and offensive primaries as the GOP nominee in 2004, she could have considered herself nearly home free. The district has been configured to give Republicans an edge; Richard Burr won five terms as its representative and probably would have gone on winning had he not moved to the Senate.

So Foxx could have moved toward the moderate center and reached out to her Democratic and independent constituents as well. She could have been a representative with a mind of her own, one who was willing to do what was in the best interests of her district. She could have abandoned the shrillness that poisons our politics and could have tried to build consensus.

Foxx did show some early promise. She got a sensible bill through the House of Representatives that fixed a glitch in the federal tax code so that military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan can contribute their pay into individual retirement accounts.

But for the most part, Foxx has done little to establish herself as an independent voice. The notable exception was her protest vote against a hastily arranged package of federal aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina; Foxx wanted at least some accountability.

On most other issues, however, Foxx has not only swallowed the party line uncritically; she has also helped to spread it. She spouted the Bush administration's rosy talking points on Iraq even as military commanders were painting a grimmer picture. Given the opportunity to speak out against the House leadership for its woefully inadequate response to the Mark Foley e-mails to House pages, she declined.

She has exploited fears and prejudices against immigrants. She has played fast and loose with the truth, including sending letters and e-mail messages misrepresenting this newspaper's editorial policies in a ploy to raise more money.

The GOP leaders she has so obediently followed have presided over a Do-Nothing Congress that is immersed in scandals. A vote to send her back to Congress would be a vote to continue to do nothing about immigration, Social Security, Medicare, energy independence and other problems facing the nation. It would be a vote to continue condoning the selling of government to the highest-bidding lobbyists.

A vote for Roger Sharpe, a former state senator and educator and an author, would be a vote for change. Sharpe is a well-educated, thoughtful man who has devoted much of his life to public service. A native of western North Carolina, he knows the 5th District and its needs, and would be more likely to put the best interests of the district ahead of the wishes of his party's leaders.

The Journal did not endorse Sharpe in the Democratic primary because he had largely been out of politics since the late 1970s, but he has run a competent, thoughtful, clean campaign and is well informed on a broad range of issues. Thoughtfulness, integrity, civility and independence are qualities that are sorely needed in Congress.


Momentous endorsement and a call for action

As Stormbear suggests, this is a momentous endorsement! The tides have been turning in this district for the last two months, and as this endorsement suggests, victory can be achieved here! We just need your help. Have you signed up to become a team member in our campaign? Have you donated some money?

With your help, this will be one of the biggest upsets on the national stage. But in order for that to happen, we need you to contribute your time, money, energy to this effort!

Drew Lumpkin
Campaign Manager
Sharpe for Congress

When is the last time our paper endorsed a Dem for the 5th?

Congratulations to Roger and his campaign.

I can report, from my campaign's perspective and from talking to Roger's tireless workers that there is great need for more folks to canvass, call, e-mail thir friends and help in every way here in Winston-Salem.

The money is not even close. On November 8 let's all be proud that we did all we could. With that attitude and the action that backs it up, we can be proud winners, too.

Be the Democrat you want to see.

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Be the Democrat you want to see.

Yay for Roger!!!

That is a very nicely written piece. It really goes into the negatives on Virginia Foxx since Roger is too nice to campaign dirty. :)

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Love to see the Red Tide turning here in NC!

Thanks for bringing it to us crowbar, followed the link but didn't go to dailykos. Will go there directly and recommend!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Here's a link to crowbar's diary at Kos

Don't know if it worked for others, but his link didn't work for me, so here's another link, follow and recommend!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Fantastic news!

Foxx is an incompetent fool and the Journal nailed her on it.

That fuckin bitch

Send her back to ASU and let us fire her again!!

Watauga County Canvass was yesterday and I talked to D's, R's, and U's and they were ALL pissed at Virginia.

She's made no new friends here.


You know....if this keeps up...

"BlueNC" will be more than the title of the best blog site on the web. It will be a reality. This is great news. :)

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi


Im extremely happy and very shocked. Great Job. Keep it up.

"Keep the Faith"