More on Jay Faison's "Environmental Republican" movement

Oops, they left out renewable energy generation:

Faison, a North Carolina conservative, has already set up the ClearPath Foundation to promote conservative clean-energy solutions. He is also starting a Super PAC. This morning at the National Press Club he’s set to lay out a digital campaign aimed at policymakers and an expanded advisory team to prod along his cause. He’s also opening a D.C. office led by Zak Baig, a former aide to Sen. David Vitter. Faison says he wants small government, free markets and innovation to solve the climate problem, favoring carbon capture, natural gas and nuclear plants.

Bolding mine. In the absence of a sustained effort to install more Solar and wind generation, carbon emissions will continue to rise. And natural gas production, with its fugitive methane leakage, could do more to increase climate change than any other single factor. But setting aside Faison's misplaced priorities, he also seems to have the McCrory disease of hiring the worst possible people for a particular job. Zak Baig was not only an "aide" to Vitter, he helped the climate change-denying Senator formulate his many vicious attacks against the Obama administration's attempts to enact sound climate policy:

In addition to these concerns, the agency is in perpetual over-drive executing the President’s extreme climate agenda by administrative fiat. In reality, that has the ultimate impact of increasing energy prices being a regressive tax on consumers and making America less competitive internationally.

This side of the Committee has repeatedly asked for a climate change oversight hearing regarding this with the EPA and other Administration officials. While that is set to be scheduled in the new year, we repeat our call that include key witnesses from the Government—EPA, Interior, Commerce and so forth. It has to include those key Government witnesses.

I would also direct significant concerns to the Department of the Interior where Ms. Suh has served in a leadership role for 4 and a half years. The epartment, which is charged with managing our lands for multiple uses, has focused instead on an anti-fossil fuel agenda. The Administration’s policies use uestionable scientific and economic analysis to cut off water to farmers, to restrict Native Americans from producing their own resources, to eliminate access to any type of resource production that the Left does not think is appropriate, and so forth.

I am particularly concerned about getting the agencies involved in the climate agenda, getting them to testify directly about their administrative actions.

Just your standard Republican bullying tactics. They've got fossil fuel lobbyists whispering gossip into their ears, so they want to get some Executive agency employees in front of them so they can put on a show of growling and brow-beating. Here's some more bullying, in the form of a letter to the Treasury Department. Pay close attention to the astro-turf think-tank Vitter mentions, the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Vitter and his staff (including Zak Baig) worked closely with this fossil fuel-funded front group to combat Obama's efforts to address climate issues:

“This is not about policy, and Sen. David Vitter and the other Republicans on the committee understand this,” said Christopher Horner, senior fellow at CEI, attorney and author of The Liberal War on Transparency, research for which uncovered a climate of deceit and obstruction at EPA. “To hear Democrats claim ‘obstruction’ when Republicans ask simply that EPA come clean before having one of its most secretive officials promoted really takes the cake.”

CEI has had to take EPA to court over seven different Freedom of Information Act requests since last fall to force release of public records of conversations among top agency staffers and outside groups on the administration’s war on coal and its attempts to build support for a carbon tax. Several suits are still pending. In one suit that has been settled, the federal court ordered EPA to turn over nearly 12,000 emails, but EPA has withheld or heavily redacted nearly 7,400 of these.

Jay Faison could have chosen hundreds of other political consultants to run his DC office, but he chose one who was(is?) deeply in the camp of the climate denial and fossil fuel supporting crowd. Which raises a whole lot of questions, like: Who recommended Baig for this position? Was it Vitter and, if so, why in the hell would Faison be listening to him if he really *is* concerned about climate change? Or was it someone else in DC, maybe associated with CEI or one of the other fossil fuel think-tanks?

The bottom line is, this new PAC of Faison's is not what a lot of environmentalists are hoping/convincing themselves it is. I wish it was! But it isn't, and deceiving ourselves won't help the planet.