Proposed Mercury Rules Don't Even Qualify as a Bandaid

This from a letter published by the News & Observer:

Debate has boiled down to a simple but vitally important equation: Does North Carolina protect higher profits for electric utilities or does it protect the health of our children?

On March 10, the state Environmental Management Commission proposed its answer, and while industry stockholders should feel safe, those concerned about children's health should be worried.

Read it and wonder how a commmittee—appointed by Democrat Mike Easley, Democrat Marc Basnight, and Democrat Jim Black—can blow it so badly. The recommendation will now move to a public hearing. Watch the Southern Environmental Law Center's website for information on the hearing.


Is that a trick question?

Our Democratic leaders are hugely pro-business. How is this outcome surprising to you?

Our democratic leaders are

Our democratic leaders are not Democrats.....At least not what I equate to being a Democrat.....these are the same fools recruiting opportunists like Chris Mintz ( ) to defect to the democratic party and backed by the big real estate lobbyist/developers tycoons.