Fishel calls for end to partisan divide over climate change?

Greg Fishel, WRAL TV

WRAL's meteorologist, Greg Fishel, now an ex-Republican, was featured in the Washington Post this week. The topic was climate change. And while I do welcome Greg to the land of the sane, I don't much like his use of false equivalency when he decries the sad state of partisan polarization.

Mr. Fishel, chief meteorologist for the CBS affiliate in Raleigh in N.C., is sickened by this state of affairs. Over the weekend he penned a stirring commentary railing against the partisan divisiveness in climate change discussions and disregard for the science.

Partisan divisiveness? What else can you expect when one party is batshit crazy and unwilling to even acknowledge reality on the ground? If Democrats wanted to erase the divide, they'd have to meet Republicans halfway about a yes-or-no topic. That's impossible.



He's still in denial

Not denial of climate change, but denial that he was in a party of idiots for so long. In his original article, I was greatly put off by this false equivalency:

I hate agendas, and there are agendas on both sides of the climate change debate which I abhor and have no time for.

And that is the closest he came to talking about the huge amount of influence the fossil fuel industry has brought to bear on this issue. Indeed, if it wasn't for that effort, there likely wouldn't be much divisiveness, or scientific controversy, for that matter. But I do see his problem: You can't make a "both sides are bad" argument in detail when there's no real agenda for one of those sides, So you give them both one sentence of dismissal and proceed to talk about what God would want.

All that being said, he does speak their language. And if semi-sermons like this can nudge some deniers into the right direction, bring it on.

Good for Fischer

Whatever his reasoning, it's good to have a defector. Still, the GOP's political dogma never ceases to amaze when it comes to this and other related issues. For instance ...

They whined during the Tom Ross firing: "Is it unreasonable for us to ask for just 1 of 17 campuses to have a non-liberal?!? – where is the diversity? can’t we please have one in our favor for once.”

No it's not unreasonable, and no you can't (or shouldn't) have one if your favor. When it comes to intellectual dishonesty, they have no rival. From Cuccinelli using taxpayer dollars to harass UVa climatologist Michael Mann, to the blatant attempt to suppress Gene Nichols' free speech at UNC, to the 'ethically wrong' excel chart Chaffetz displayed at the planned parenthood hearings, to the John Locke Foundation's insistence that solar energy be developed by the free market despite the fact that a free market for electricity doesn't exist.

They would rather let the corporations continue their buy backs and their cost-cutting because, duh, the only metric that can be trusted is 'shareholder value' and it must be maximized at all costs.

They complain about how liberal the universities are and how much liberal indoctrination is imposed on our feeble young minds ... yet if there's one department that is truly guilty of that kind of egregious indoctrination, it's the economics department.