SEX is back, at ‪#‎NCGA‬!!

Sex Education, that is. They just can't keep their hands off of it.

Now that I have your attention, a new addition to SB279 would allow anyone who calls themselves an expert to approve sex ed curricula-meaning ANYTHING could be taught. It could be written by James Dobson's Focus on the Family or your Great Aunt Rose.

Once again, teach lies and call it education. This opens the door to Abstinence Only, or any kind of erroneous information a school or district finds their parents are comfortable with.

Two provisions were added to SB279. A requirement that kids be taught the hazards of sex trafficking, and a change in the language dealing with who signs off on sex ed curricula. The law now in place says the curricula must be

"accepted by professionals and credentialed experts in the field of sexual health education."

Those in power want it to read:

"credentialed experts"

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50 shades of charter school.

50 shades of charter school. Some asshole out there will be teaching S&M to fifth-graders and getting paid by the state to do it

The crazy is out of control

House members are supposed to be studying a freshly-revealed 500 page budget/tax/Medicaid packet, and they squeeze in this abstinence bullshit?

It's like a bunch of eight-year-old boys running around screaming on a playground.

Welfare for the abstinence-only crowd

This is definitely a legislative back-door for the abstinence-only crowd to sell their damaged goods to public schools and charters. It's big business, as John Oliver outlined on one of his recent shows.

Get ready for the STD outbreaks.

What irks me about this isn't just the injection of evangelical religion into the public schools - it's the handout it's giving to the whole industry of extremist right-wing course material producers and speakers that make a living off of this bullshit.

Perhaps some liberal organization will eventually do a tally of how many opportunities for handouts to evangelical charities and commercial companies the members of the legislature have passed into law in the past couple of sessions.