Charlotte police declare open season on shooting suspects

When your lawyer and the DA are friends, it's all good:

Even though Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Anthony Holzhauer was represented by the same law firm, Murray did not recuse himself. He ruled this month that Holzhauer was justified when he shot and killed 20-year-old Janisha Fonville in her north Charlotte apartment. The decision meant Holzhauer will not face criminal charges.

Legal scholars contacted by the Observer said Murray’s ties to his former firm pose the appearance of a conflict of interest and that Murray should have removed himself from the Fonville case.

Heck, at least in Ferguson there was a Grand Jury, even if it did work to convict the victim posthumously. In this situation, one man gets to decide not to prosecute a client of the firm that funded his election campaign. In the excerpt below, there are two gaping inconsistencies that reveal Murray's poor judgment. See if you can spot them, the answer will be in the comment section:

Murray said he no longer plans to recuse himself from cases involving the law office because it has been more than four years since he worked there.

In October 2013, Laughrun and his wife hosted a fundraising dinner at their home for Murray. Laughrun and two other partners, Michael Greene and Rob Heroy, served as chairs. Judy Emken, an attorney for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and several other well-known Charlotte lawyers acted as hosts, according to an invitation to the event. Attendees paid as much as $2,500 per couple for dinner and a chance to meet the candidate.

Murray said he believes his re-election last year should eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest. He said the victory shows voters trust his judgment and impartiality.

Murray, a Republican, beat out Democratic Charlotte City Councilman Michael Barnes in 2010. He ran unopposed in 2014.




The amount of money his (former) partners helped him amass in that one night of fundraising is a hell of a lot more than he ever billed for one day's work at the firm.

When you are unopposed in an election, your "victory" has absolutely nothing to do with voters trusting you, and everything to do with being the only selection on the ballot.