Screw you, McCrory

Our governor is dragging his feet on issuing pardons for Henry Lee McCollum and Leon Brown, two North Carolina men who served 30 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Each man received a whopping $45 in compensation for the wrongful conviction. The men have been free for seven months, but McCrory can't bring himself to decide what to do. Seven goddamn months and not a peep from the governor.



I knew it..........

"A committee led by the governor's chief legal counsel, Bob Stephens"

Yep, trying to figure out how to fill out the proper forms to get this matter resolved while relying on ethics disclosure forms as a template. Or, politely explaining to the Governor's buds in the GA about how much the forth coming lawsuits are going to cost while putting NC further in debt. Or, how to change the color of McCollum and Brown's skin before moving forward. Or, how to both console and promise the "committee" that McCrory isn't a closet Democrat looking at running on a Democratic ticket as Cooper's Lt. Governor.