Was McCrory's Tree.com compensation (much) larger than we thought?

It's possible there was more fruit on the Tree than we were led to believe:

Insider/Relation/Last Date/Transaction Type/OwnerType/Shares Traded/Last Price/Shares Held

MCCRORY PATRICK LLOYD Director 01/30/2013 Option Execute direct 10,063 0.0000 31,672

I don't know what it was worth then, but the stock is trading for just over $43 now, making that January 2013 option worth some $432, 709. And if that last (Shares Held) means what I think it does, that comes to $1.3 million and some change that McCrory is still(?) holding. I will freely admit, Fridays are bad days for me and my math, so please check behind me.



I knew Duke Energy was paying

I knew Duke Energy was paying to run for governor, but Tree too? McCrony's an insider double dipper with lots of Very Important Friends.

It's plain to me

that our ethics disclosure rules need to be revamped. Or tossed completely, and written in such a way that they actually disclose something, instead of concealing it.


Tree.com closed at $17.00 on 1/30/13 so the total for 10,063 shares would be $171,071. Does the 31,672 number represent collectively owned shares perhaps? The "direct" typically means direct ownership. Whatever the case, this is the second time that McCrory hasn't disclosed conflicts of interest or profiting off his corporate ties while in office. I think the Duke stock played out in a similar way. A freakin' life-sized cardboard cut-out of a person could do a better job... a monkey could do a better job and be much more interesting in the process.

I think those were/are all his

The list I linked was an insider trading report for Tree directors and other employees, and if you look at the "shares held" for other directors the numbers differ per person. When that person "buys" the number goes up, when they "sell" it goes down. The report only covers about 2 years and McCrory only shows up the one time, so he may have bought shares at some point before then. But those 20,000+ shares could have been a hiring bonus, too.