Right and left in the Democratic party

"Spurred by Midterm Losses, Liberal and Moderate Democrats Square Off Over Strategy" NYT

Here is a clear argument between Left and Right in the Democratic Party at this time, and going forward. It is interesting that the Third Way, successor to the DLC as the center right of the Democrats, is co chaired by Kay Hagan, and most of the losing Democratic senators were blue dogs.

And, as pointed out by the article, this has implications for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2016, which many take as a given, which would put the War Party back into the saddle (even more than current events) and pandering to Wall Street and the banksters would increase. Can you spell oligarchy, on steroids. Total surrender to the GOP would be slightly worse. President Cruz anyone?



I found this article very

I found this article very interesting. A battle is brewing for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. I know which side I'm on.

Elizabeth Warren Wing of the Democratic Party

My signature on email claims I am "An member of the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party", and I plan to wear that quite a while.

My leanings go back the Progressive Manifesto by Ignatius Donnelly in Omaha in 1892 (http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5361/) , and it reads as good today as it did them, perhaps dated. Also, look up Marion Butler from Sampson county, a leader in the Progressives, the Farmers Alliance and such, later a senator who pushed progressive legislation at the turn of the century in the Fusionist movement. Learn, learn, learn.



I may be getting on board too

I may be getting on board too with the Elizabeth Warren train. I don't know if she'll run, but after watching her speak intelligently on economics for an hour in this video and seeing so many data-driven points that seem to have shaped her economic populism message, she's definitely someone I want in the room important decisions about our country's future whether that's Senate leadership, or Presidential or Vice Presidential spaces, or as a cabinet member. This video is mostly about defining the problem up until the very end, but you can really tell where her views on student loans or minimum wage and everything else came from.

Warren is great and I wish her the best but

she is unelectable to higher office for the foreseeable future. Let her do good things in the Senate for at least a full term, then perhaps. Let her keynote the 2016 convention and work in her leadership position to get national exposure for a few years. Right now she is the "scary liberal" from Mass., and a lot of Americans will not connect with her professorial demeanor.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?