NCDP ShamerGate Takes Hilarious Turn

We were among those who had a family member receive the shaming mailers from the North Carolina Democratic Party and the Sierra Club. Five mailers (scans linked at the end of the post) were received in five days all sent to my oldest daughter who only became eligible to vote in 2011. At first I was livid on her behalf. We do not live in a municipality, so do not vote in odd years. Fortunately, the requirements of our GOTV campaign kept me so busy that there was no time for the anger to fester. Now, that fiasco has taken a turn for the hilarious.

NCDP Chair Randy Voller's buddy, George Fisher, has tried to fire up the troops to run NCDP 1st Vice Chair Patsy Keever out on a rail since her name is the one printed on the shaming letters.


His initial post sounded reasonable, but an apparent ulterior motive for the post soon unfolded in the comments.


If Facebook conversations can be believed, the shaming letters were requested by ForwardNC, and Patsy Keever agreed that they could go out under her name. I have had several people with more knowledge than I, share that the letters could not have gone out without either Randy Voller's or Casey Mann's approval.

On the same thread, George Fisher claims to have received a "stack" of emails complaining about the letters. As often as I spoke out against the letters after my daughter received them, I did not get one Facebook message or email from anyone else who was upset. I also had nobody complain in person as I was out campaigning, making phone calls, and performing other duties as GOTV chair in Union County. Not one.

Any anger I felt about the letters has dissipated as I've watched Fisher's Facebook thread unfold. Even Randy Voller got in on the action, and by the end of the thread it is obvious that their intent is to tear down Patsy Keever and to stop her from running for chair.


It is absurd how hard George Fisher and friends worked in this thread to deflect general anger directed at Voller to Patsy Keever. With the SEC meeting approaching this Saturday, the attempt reeks of desperation. SEC members and proxies best be prepared for a very long day if this is a preview of what is to come.

See scans of NCDP and Sierra Club shaming mailers.



I've spoken to several people who received the mailers.

And they were pissed - it's like "Big Sister" is watching you! They asked me if I knew anything about this - and I said I did not know about them. But I said it didn't surprise me.

Many folks told me it was sort of like the way they felt when they got those Wake Dems "Board of Election" mailers back in 2009. You mean someone decided to spend money on such a screw up and then won't take responsibility for the not thinking a few steps ahead and considering the fall-out?

And as far as those folks who say that when a candidate asks you to do something you always do it - I say that's BS. There are so many folks around coming up with hare-brained schemes that have questionable value with questionable legality (should someone touch that project based on how the money is laundered) that I say it's time our party officers should maybe not say "no" right away, but they need to say "hold on - let me check with the lawyer/the Chair, the DSCC, etc."

Just because some kid living on a donor's couch asks you to do something, it doesn't mean you should always do it.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I admit I was right, royally peeved when the letters showed up

I was also angry that they didn't seem to know how to filter a mailing list. When the letters arrived, my daughter had already changed her address and it showed in VoteBuilder, so these even came to the wrong address.

The letters were poorly written and it was not the right approach...I do not care how many people point to Virginia and say, "it worked there."

However, if the letters needed either Mann's or Voller's approval to go out under the party's name, then pointing fingers at Keever and blaming only her is ludicrous. Especially, when the people demanding her resignation have let all of Voller's screw ups and missteps slide.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Many of us don't agree with you

that these were screw ups and missteps.

For example, I keep hearing people talk about Randy's Vegas trip. Yet some of these people conveniently forget that OFA had a big fundraiser for President Obama in Las Vegas in 2012.

Folks say that Randy's trip was merely a junket, and point to the lack of any funds raised on that trip. Thanks to all the grief that Randy got from that trip, I am sure that he decided not to bother with going to Vegas or anywhere else out of state to raise funds.

Of course the folks who made this big stink didn't care that OFA held a fundraiser in Vegas for Obama. And clearly there had to be lots of advance work for that trip. And I am sure that there is work done (and money spent) on some campaign activities that don't work out for many reasons.

And after the 2014 Senate race - where we saw record amounts of out of state money pour into the campaigns of BOTH sides - how could anyone claim there is no valid reason for going out of state for funds for a political party? And I keep getting fundraising e-mails from candidates and campaigns across the country. So if they can do it - why can't NCDP? The reason is simple - Establishment Dems can't/won't give Randy Voller credit for anything, and they must create the impression that everything he does is a screw-up and a mistake. Mission Accomplished!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

So...Randy Voller was a front man for Obama? was an annual trip he took with his traveling companions...but apparently he thought since he asked his buddies for donations he could call it a fundraising trip and the party would pay for it.

Stop trying to rewrite history. The story is pretty well documented.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Well, you sure got a bone, did you not

Betsy, your hatred of Voller had to stem from somewhere. Wonder how it got to profound. I see you did not clip my comments in Fisher's Facebook page. You are certain that continuing to assert lies will eventually make them true, works for Tea Party.



I don't hate Randy Voller, I think he is inept

He disenfranchised voters in the Democratic Party voting process in Union County. He has a lot to answer for. Don't worry. That is coming out too. I also have reports of you saying untrue things about Union County at Fayetteville Senior Dems. Shall we discuss that?

I have told you repeatedly that I do not hate Randy Voller. Consider this a public cease and desist. What you claim about me is no more true than if I went around claiming that you smother Voller's feces over yourself each day as a form of idol worship.

You have accused me of lying. What am I lying about? What lie am I repeating? If you are referring to the Vegas story, that was pretty well hashed out in the media and in public. It is a little late to start dishing out new versions don't you think?

I didn't quote you because there were 181 comments and I simply could not quote them all. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You sure made your feelings, not facts, clear

Well, as I said, hate is a funny thing, it will turn and bite you - at any time. I offered to speak with you off line, but you ignored it. Sorry you feel the way you do. And as for Union County, my impressions from very far afar were that what was needed was adults. I never talked about it with anyone in Goodwin House, all I heard was the ordinary rumors, but then you would think I was talking to the wrong people. And, that was all I said in Fayetteville, long, long ago.



Once again, what facts, Bill?

You keep saying there are facts I'm ignoring, but you aren't telling me what they are. State the facts, Bill.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own. you are going to hide the facts out of spite?

Come on, Bill, admit it. There are no facts being ignored. You just have to make wild accusations and claim I have facts wrong, but you just can't seem to figure out which facts I have wrong.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

no - he didn't ask his buddies for donations

he met with his buddies who are high-income types to ask them if they'd sponsor fundraisers for NCDP.

I've been in business for years, and I have met socially with people that I've asked to do business with. And there are times I meet with them and don't talk business.

Before this 2013 trip, Randy was not NCDP Chair and therefore not asking them to donate to NCDP. In 2013 he was Chair and he was asking. Therefore it was as legitimate a trip for NCDP to pay for as any OFA advance team.

Wonder why no one has documented all the people who used their credit/charge cards for party business then got reimbursed for it - only to get cash-back from the credit/charge card company? If you ran $800K through your card for the state party, and got $8K in cash back, isn't $8K BIGGER than the $3K you and others are fussing at Randy for?

And as for the documentation by Frank Eaton, I notice that stuff didn't come out until AFTER Randy rejected a $25K contract for political consulting that Frank and two of his buddies were trying to get. That story isn't as well documented. Just like the proxy games NCDP staffers played at the Feb 2013 SEC meeting where Randy was elected, and how they were shredding documents the very next day when Randy and Casey showed up to Goodwin House. And how they refused to provide bills, contracts and other documents when asked to do so. They were covering up evidence of massive fraud that Randy uncovered. I've urged him to go public with it - if for nothing else than to shut up most of his critics with evidence of their complicity of that fraud (or at least their knowledge of it) - but he was too interested in trying to mend fences to "metaphorically" kick the asses asses of some people who sorely deserved it.

That lack of applying the boot where it's sorely needed is something I have told Randy about time and time again.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

It was always on the front page

I am a front page writer at BlueNC.

They are not bogus points since know...quoted the people word-for-word and showed images of their comments.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It works

It works, we just did it poorly. Asking Patsy to resign is ridiculous and bringing Frank Eaton into this is even more ridiculous.

“This flier is part of the nationwide Democratic response to traditional Republican voter-suppression efforts, because Democrats believe our democracy works better when more people vote, not less. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is they don’t want people to vote and we want everyone to vote.”

knows sign language

Excerpted from a comment on Facebook:

Keever signed the letter after Voller and Mann refused.

Is this accurate, or is it fiction created after-the-fact? If there is some documentation or cached e-mail(s) to back this up, they need to be published, not just handed around amongst select SEC members before the meeting.

There have been more than enough behind-the-scenes machinations and vague accusations in the struggle to control the NCDP to last a couple of lifetimes, and I am beyond sick of it. The people of this state are suffering, for God's sake, while we're ego-tripping and circle-jerking.

Casey Mann has provided copies of her text messages

with Patsy Keever. This really looks bad for Casey Mann. Not so bad for Patsy Keever. I don't see Casey making any claims that there is anything wrong with the mailer or that she and Randy refused to sign it.....all she says is that there is a request for something to go out under Patsy's signature. Nothing like, "the chair and I are concerned about the language," or anything....

Patsy learned a tough lesson and Casey really comes out looking bad

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The image only shows part

of the text exchange, so it's really hard to conclude anything from it, at least in my mind. Is the lower (later) stuff shown online anywhere?

Either this is all Casey chose to share

or it is all there is.

The email from Voller tells more of the story. Randy calls Patsy a team player and admits NCDP (which means he and Casey) allowed them to go out. (with Keever's name on them) one breath he is calling her a team player and in another breath he is throwing her under the bus. Classy.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Betsy - aren't you related to one of the people in this saga?

It seems like I've read that somewhere. It really has no bearing on the whole thing except that it makes me uneasy that there is no "full disclosure" sort of notice. Unless, of course, I am completely confused in which case I should step away from the keyboard and have another strong drink!!

As to voter shaming: I don't like it. Everyone has a right to vote or not vote as they choose. I did mail and call voters who sat out 2010 but I never mentioned that I knew that they had not voted in 2010. I only invited them to vote in this election... and provided early vote dates/locations and a slate of the D candidates just in case they felt inclined to do so.

Different Patsy K.

But don't feel bad, I made the same mistake about a year ago. ;)

does that mean...

Does that mean that I should stay at the keyboard and forgo that strong drink? I may be crazy but I'm not masochistic! Well, I am a democrat so maybe I am a little masochistic.

My apologies to Betsy.

That's OK! No worries...i would do the exact same thing is kinda funny. The first time I heard someone say Patsy Keever it was years ago and I corrected them, "You mean Patsy Kinsey." They had no clue who that was and I had no clue who Patsy Keever was. :)

I will join you for that strong drink....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The following is an email sent from Randy Voller

The following email demonstrates:

1. First bold passage - that Patsy Keever could not have spoken on behalf of the party unless authorized to do so.
2. Second bold passage - that Chairman Voller said Patsy Keever was a team player and that the mailing was a cooperation on behalf of NCDP/Keever to send out mailers the Hagan campaign pushed. In other words....ultimately, at the end of the day, Voller allowed the mailings to go out under the name of the North Carolina Democratic Party and Keever agreed to put her name to the letters.

From: Randolph Voller

Date: Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 4:29 PM
Subject: RE: Post-Election discussions and Social Pressure Mailers
To: Casey Mann

Cc: Patsy Keever Patsy Keever Zack Hawkins Zack Hawkins Andy Ball Andy Ball Melvin Williams

Dear Mayor Ball and officer team,

While I appreciate your willingness to step up and engage concerned citizens via email, phone and letters, I must remind you that it is not your job to directly respond on behalf of the NC Democratic Party nor do you have the authority to do so.

In addition please review the facts below and the attachments so that you are better informed on the matter.


Casey Mann and the staff were against the mailers and did not like their tone.
They were foisted upon the NCDP by the Hagan campaign and their consultants at the last minute the night before the Western Gala.

A lot of pressure was put forth by the Hagan campaign and the consultants to send the letter through our coordinated campaign, which the NCDP did to be team players even though John Wallace, Casey Mann, the staff nor I liked their tone and approach.
I rewrote one of the letters, but after they butchered my version, I declined to authorize it to be mailed under my name.

The Hagan Campaign subsequently pressed and we were backed into a corner. Since the 1VC was communicating with the Hagan campaign she was discussed as a potential signatory of the letter. (Again, I refused to sign it.)

Justin Myers, the deputy director, called the 1VC and she agreed to sign the letter.
Casey Mann sent the letter over to the 1VC via email and she offered some minor grammatical changes and approved it.

Casey Mann advised the 1VC that we had problems with the letter and its tone. The Hagan Campaign was insistent that they really wanted to mail it to boost turnout and elect Sen. Hagan. The 1VC though about it, was a team player, and said essentially: I trust the Hagan Campaign. We cooperated (NCDP and Patsy) as a compromise to send mailers that they pushed. If you and others have a beef, it is with the strategy and execution of the Hagan campaign, who would rather spend money on mailers then fund local operations for GOTV efforts.

From what I understand, the universe of voters who received the mailers were contacted more than once. Again, not our choice.

I have attached a copy of the texts from Casey Mann to 1VC Patsy Keever as well as the emails demonstrating this.

In addition my wife and I were in the care driving to Asheville when this was being discussed and we were with Casey Mann at dinner when it was discussed and we both will attest to the aforementioned facts.

Now that you have been informed of the facts regarding this matter please refrain from making and/or writing statements that are either factually deficient and/or misleading.


Hon. Randolph S. Voller, Chair
North Carolina Democratic Party
220 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Telephone – (919) 821-2777 ext 106

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Every now and then I abandon ship

and reregister as an unaffiliated voter ... mostly because I'm far too liberal for the party we have here in North Carolina.

Might be time again. is just getting fun!

We need you helping tilt the party further left!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Pace yourself


I'll try to go easy on the shite stirring

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No need to go easy.

No need to go easy.

From everything I can see, the shite needs stirring in a pretty big way. The party is in shambles and it's hard to believe that anyone in his or her right mind would want to take it on. I don't envy those of you who are working on this salvage operation.

If I were in discussions with Big Cheeses, I would be advocating for wholesale business transformation in every area: governance, structure, role, leadership, etc., etc. Right now, the operation looks like a freakin' clusterflock from top to bottom. I'm sure there are good reasons for how we got here, but "here" isn't any place we want to be, IMO.

Well nice to know that recent penchant for the NCDP

to engage in circular firing squads has not abated. Glad I left that junk behind. The stupidity is really getting annoying. Nice thread though Betsy ... full of original source material that should be difficult to refute. I wonder if some of the "refuters" from upthread will put in another appearance to apologize or otherwise admit their error. But that would take some class and I am not getting "class" as one of their major attributes.

Should be a fun SEC meeting :)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Sounds like you are much more involved than I am.

You were on the front lines this past election and I was just, ... well, having the occasional chat with some teens at Carrboro HS and, um ... well ... I have nice bumper stickers!! Thank you for being involved and thanks for the welcome back.

Regarding this current kerfuffle, is it me, or does it seem like the "boys" don't want a girl challenging their "man"?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you? was fun and I doubt I will do it again!

I would rather write about elections. I will still make calls and help with "projects," but the organizing part is what takes so much time. Fortunately, we have a lot of really excellent, well-trained people who will do a great job. sure does seem that way, doesn't it? They do seem to have the whole misogyny thing down.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Dear Bill and Chris

Chris, I'm sure you are blocked on Facebook, but wanted you to see this so you can go ahead and pick it apart. Here was my response to Bill on the thread in this post. I'm ready to move forward, and all this reminds me of what Tom Fetzer said about his election to State GOP Chair, "never are things so bitter as to when the stakes are so small." I just hope the next Chair gets the Chair of the Dem Party has no power but only the ability to help democrats attain power by winning elections. #dropthemic

Bill, George Fisher et al, apologies for keeping this thread alive. I have had the pleasure of helping my wife all day, but did need to tidy a few things up here.

1.) I in no way desire the ED position, nor would I except it. I have the good sense to know the administrative skills required do not match my Skill set. Yes, I'm a 'consultant' as a profession, but it certainly hasn't been for the money. I'm 50, do not own my own home, and my only retirement plan is euthanasia. That was funnier before I was married. I've done this work to move the ball forward, and I'm very comfortable with my efforts, and my results speak for themselves.

2.) I blocked Chris some time ago, so I have no idea what he is saying. I do admire and appreciate his determination and doggedness, but the conspiracy theories, and out and out hostility the both of you have demonstrated, particularly towards women, has been especially divisive. It has been a constant refrain of 'We must unite' while attacking anyone who merely has asked questions about the actions of the Chair and the NCDP. The Party and the Chair both are big fat targets. That's part of the job. Attacking fellow democrats back, largely through surrogates like you two, is not the way to unite them and build confidence. Call me madcap. ,

3.) As too David Parker. He either covered up sexual harassment or demonstrated the worst political malpractice in the history of the NCDP. He was either a liar, or Sallie Leslie was. Despite some of the horrible stuff you guys have said about her, I'll go with Sallie every time. He definitely lied to our Gubernatorial Candidate and the White House when he promised to step down after he put on the dog and pony show. The Conspiracy theory that Chris promoted that the attacks on Parker where about the Council of State, and again particularly against Elaine Marshall, Janet Cowell, wanting the check off money was as big a bull shit conspiracy theory as any tea partier has invented. But really, who cares. It is you guys who keep fueling this narrative of war on consultants and elect-eds. Really, all I want is a professional operation at the NCDP that provides good data and generally does no harm. Can't say that is what we've gotten the past few years.