Blue Dogs going after progressives in prep for Hillary

As part of the "getting even" look for the Blue Dog factions of the NCDP, absent these two years in a major sulk, to blame "progressives" for these losses.



Bring it

If we're going to lose elections, let's at least lose them standing for something.

Not so fast, Bill

I know quite a few of the Democrats that oppose the current leadership of the NCDP, and many of them are Progressives. Building a false narrative of the conflict is not only unfair to those folks, it's also a recipe for an even more continued and confusing disaster.

It has been said, by some dreamers that don't really understand human nature, that adversity brings us together. In fact, if we're not really careful, adversity can drive us apart. The aftermath of the 2010 Election is a prime example of that. In our desperation to attach blame, we looked up at that big tent and decided it was too big, that we needed to root out "those people." So now we have two tents, and will probably end up with a tent city, until the Republicans decide to tear them all down and build a golf course.

Narrative - last two years - Ha

Stephen - the narrative was written by faction which decided to rewrite the results of the party election - and done in newsprint and via video, in which the Chair was treated worse than Obama in a Republican dinner meeting. Call me, would like to fill you in. As for "progressives" in the party, tough for me to identify despite 20 years of listening and looking.