Celebrate Graig's Birthday and Support Barack Obama

Celebrate Graig Meyer's Birthday and
Support Barack Obama!!

Sunday, July 13
2:30-5:30 PM
The Station at Southern Rail in Carrboro (adjacent to Weaver Street Market)
RSVP: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/4gt4h

Spread the word to all your friends. This event is open to the public!

Anyone who has given or gives to Graig's Barack Obama fundraising page by July 12 gets in free. You can give online here.
For any registered voter who hasn't given, admission on the day of the event will require a minimum $10 donation to the Obama for America campaign.
Unregistered voters get in free by registering at the door.
Children under the age of 18 get in free.

Enjoy these three great bands:
Stan Lewis and the Rockin' Revelers
The Marla Vickers Band
The Water Callers

Hear spoken word poetry from the Sacrificial Poets (Chapel Hill's youth poetry slam team, including one of Graig's former students).

Food and PBR (Barack's beer of choice when in NC) are on Graig as his birthday present to you!

Support Graig's trip to be an Obama Delegate at the Democratic National Convention by purchasing raffle tickets to win these great prizes:
Custom made Obama gear; including Obama Mama t-shirts, Obama Boy t-shirts, Obama kitchen aprons, Michelle Obama pins
Your choice of bottles of fine wine
Gift certificates from businesses and restaurants around Chapel Hill and Carrboro
Grand prize: You get to choose the wording on a sign that Graig will hold up for the television cameras at the Democratic National Convention.

Can't afford to make a donation right now? Email us. We need 5-6 volunteers to make this happen and we'd love to have you come for free.

RSVP: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/4gt4h

See you on the 13th!
Graig and Jen Meyer



I know Obama is still trying to fight off that "elitist" BS, but PBR? Has the man no respect for his taste buds and stomach? (Well, he must have some - at least he didn't ask for Genny Cream Ale...)

Genny Cream

Don't be talking smack about Genny Cream, that is good stuff.

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next


Steamers and Screamers....summertime's favorite duo in my hometown in Upstate NY. Only the finest for my proud white trash family!

(that's steamed clams and genny cream ale for you limo-liberals out there)

PS....anyone else out there think PBR is getting way too trendy? ; )


is good enough for me. And not way too trendy.

Red Stripe. Hooray Beer! That's too trendy.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
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100+ people at obama vol event

from mobile phone at vol obama event: there are 100s of over a hundred volunteers here at obama hq in raleigh. incredible and sweaty, people of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring

Edit: Apparently I over-estimated the turnout. There was over 100 people there, with about eighty signing up to volunteer this weekend.

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

shout to hagan and perdue

zack (obama organizer) described obama - perdue - hagan as perfect storm

someone asked about constructing victory, answer: "absolutely, we're onboard"

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

lol: signs don't vote

awesome. organizer asking, how should we run our campaign, people telling them how to run it, organizer writing it down and responding

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

organizer answering tons o questions

this kid is on task, answering everykind of question with respect and knowledge

people asking him huge questions, how do we make elections more democratic, right on down to small ones, what is the best way to leave lit on doors?

someone (potential volunteer) saying that the DMV isn't doing a good job registering people to vote. people think they are, but not. no verification of this, just someone saying so.

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

How about those perched precariously

on the fence between young and old, cursing with tear-stained eyes at the relentless march of Time, the few remaining memories of youth stained with the regret of lost opportunities...

Sorry. I'm really, really bored. And now I'm depressed, to boot. ;/

Oh fergoodnessake.


We are the generation that was too young to protest the Vietnam war, but we got to watch the whole damn thing on tee vee. That and Watergate, too. And now, we're too busy actually working to leave everything behind to go work full-time for the most exciting candidate who has come around in our lifetime.

But pick yourselves up out of that depression, and for the love of all that is holy, don't watch "The Way We Were". Get ready for a fantastic 4th. If you don't have a parade to march in, come to Carthage, NC and march with the Moore County Dems. We're coming on loud and proud and ain't no one going to bring us down!

Get excited.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
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it was a wonderful event, feel bad my comments spread depression throughout the intertubes

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

First Cubbison and now this

First I read about Will taking off on a jaunt across the country to work on saving America and now I read this about more young people working to save the world, damn I feel old.

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next

Oh Steve!

Hope you're feeling a bit better this morning than you were last night. Make a donation to Graig's page, and c'mon to the party next week.

What a great idea this is! I'll be looking for you, dammit.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Thanks for the FP James

It would be great to have a lot of BlueNC friends come to the party.