Greetings fellow NC Progressive Dems welcome to BlueNC

To get things rolling... let’s hear about our chapters who are supporting strong progressive candidates throughout the state. There are some who are already blogging here and it’s a good place to introduce yourself if you are running.

Also, with the crew we currently have in Raleigh ( and DC ) acting more like Republicans, we Progressives need to act like a force to be reckoned with.

Will somebody tell them they are the party in power please?

Then there are these two action alerts that Pete sent out recently:
Preserving the State Energy Office
The Renewable Energy and Efficiency Portfolio Standard H77/S3

What’s up in your part of the state?

NC Progressive Dems

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Welcome to NC Progressive Dems!

I've been keep up with your comings and goings as best I could over the past year, and am very hopeful you'll find the critical mass you need to make BlueNC your home away from home.

Thanks Anglico.

We do need a home. There is a forums section on the PDNC website but it's hidden from all those who aren't determined enough to dig for it. I think a blog that is front and center and is made of dynamic user content like BlueNC is much more appealing a place to come back to every day.

We also shot ourselves in the foot, I believe, when we voted to keep individual's email addresses secret and therefore not establish a listserve. We depend on a monthly newsletter, but that's not for communicating with each other and I think that's vital.

We'll see what happens.

It takes a while to get people off their butts onto the Intertubes . . . is there anything else we can do to help?

Well, if you don't mind

repeating this ritual on subsequent Monday nights. Maybe in time this ball will start rolling.

Our server is your server


I'm happy to keep your posts out front . . . and if I'm out for some reason, we have a few others who can stand in.



Love the banner!

The PDNC banner is beautiful! I haven't been to your website in quite a while. What's the URL again?

There seemed to be some infighting for a while in the last year or so, so I bowed out for a while. I'll have to check in more often.

Regarding a listserv, I thought the decision was to use the Democracy4NC listserv as a communications link for the PDNC. Has there been a change?


the about any listerv activity. It took me 3-4 tries to get signed up for the newsletter and that's all the communication that comes my way except for an occasional request for action from on high.

Frankly, I was dissapointed when they dropped the Greendogs website, I still haven't taken the bumper stickers off the car. The new banner is nice, I believe Webmaster Mike designed it.

Hmmm, infighting...that has been a hallmark of times past I hear. I've always loved getting together with this group. There are some brilliant, passionate individuals, naturally ego can accompany those qualities. We have a bigger mission though.