Robin Hayes' Attack Ad Full of Doughnut Holes & Lies

Robin Hayes climbs in bed with Vernon Robinson to learn a thing or two about getting down and dirty. You'll know what I mean if you've seen Robin Hayes' new attack ad claiming that Larry Kissell is against Medicare Part D.

Hayes has been taking responsibility for Medicare Part D up to this point. He brags about his part in passing legislation that forces our government to pay top dollar for prescription medicines instead of being able to bargain for the best price. He's proud of his plan that forces many seniors to choose between their life-saving medications and food.

The photoshopped ad distorts Larry's features and attempts to ridicule his use of the word boondoggle to describe the mess that is Medicare Part D. Robin Hayes lies to senior citizens saying that Larry thinks Medicare is a waste.

We all know that's not true. AARP knows that's not true. At AARP they have Larry's stance on Social Security, Healthcare Reform, Medicare, Long-Term Care and Retirement Security and funny thing is Larry's position on these issues matches EXACTLY the positions of AARP. If you visit the link above, you will see just how little respect Robin Hayes has for our seniors. Not only does he flat-out, completely, horizontally lie to them in this attack ad but he hasn't even taken the time to answer AARP's questionnaire so that our voting senior citizens will know where he stands.

I guess he's just too scared to have his real positions out there for the public to see. He'd rather lie and distort the views of the man who is willing to stand up and represent the people of this district - all of them.

All in all, Hayes comes out of this smelling pretty stinky. A Vernon Robinson-style attack ad about a serious subject like Medicare just doesn't make sense. Any attack ad against an humble, honest man who puts others first doesn't make sense. But, a silly, bitter ad full of lies during the current climate where Republicans are facing questions about very serious problems within the Republican just doesn't make sense. Neither do a lot of other things the Republicans have done. Like Medicare Part D, for instance.

Please take this time to contact the Robin Hayes for Congress Campaign office to let them know you aren't fooled by their deceit. Ask them why they are attacking Larry Kissell and giving a dishonest view of his stance on Medicare? Ask them why they are lying to senior citizens. Let them know that we've had enough dishonesty in government and it's time to come clean. Let them know that you checked with AARP and you know Robin Hayes is lying.

Their number in Concord is 704-795-2000.



What Lies Will Robin Hayes Tell Next?

I wish I was a graphic designer who could make an awesome poster with this headline. Because I'd send it by email to a hundred people today, who would send it to a thousand tomorrow.

We need to get good at going viral with links and pdfs and such. The Tubes can help, but we also need to use email and door-to-door and staples on telephone poles. Larry's getting his word out the old fashioned way. But one thing we can do to help is focus ruthless ridicule on the liar he's running against.'s the going viral part

I'm not that good at. I'm on to the next writing project...........or making posters for the first home soccer game this afternoon. :)

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You know if I write him about Medicare he will probably answer me about Iraq. He has NEVER answered any question I have asked.


"I Ate A Baby"

That's right...FatBastard bragging about eating a baby is the same as Robin Hayes bragging about his vote for Medicare D.

The only difference:
FatBastard is a fictional character in a funny movie about make believe villains.
Robin Hayes is a real Congressman who voted for a drug plan that gives huge profits to drug companies while real seniors and real small businesses struggle under the burden of new restrictions, gaps in coverage, and lower reimbursements.

So, brag away, FFR. The 6 Million Seniors who must now come up with $3600 to cover their prescription medicines know EXACTLY what your position on Senior Healthcare really is...YOYO. You're On Your Own.

And that's just not funny.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

Damn Straight

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There he goes again.

To paraphase someone I disliked, There goes Robin Hayes again. When he
ran against Chris Kouri, I would come home to messages on my answering machine telling lies about Kouri being in bed with the drug companies and how he wanted drugs to cost more. Hopefully the voters will wake up and vote this Bush supporter out.

...and all along

it was Hayes with all the pharmaceutical stocks........

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.