A Skunk By Any Other Name

Did you hear? The National Association of Scholars is asking the US Department of Education to strip the American Bar Association of its law school accrediting role. George Leef has this whole big thing about it up over at the Pope Center website. The beef is over diversity, which is a sticky wicket I'll avoid for now. I'll just add to the discussion something that George conveniently left out: the National Association of Scholars is a right-wing organization.

I know, the big puffy name "National Association of Scholars" sounds very reputable, and there are some very bright folks on their board of advisors, but they are nearly all far to the right of anything like the mainstream. It's a special-interest group.


The Wingers like those puffy sounding names

I like the way they do skewed polls and research and pass it off as scientific data - not giving the specifics.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

"Quotation" marks

I think George Leef could give John Hood a serious challenge for First Puppet if he wanted to. Plus he has such a way with words. My favorite in this particular screed is "diversity mania."

Plus, don't you just love the way he uses "quotes" to snark about things he disapproves of? "Affirmative action," "diversity" and "degree mills." Someone should send the numbnut to "journalism school" where he might learn a few "things" about the "proper" use of "quotation" marks in the "writing." I'll bet he's "one" of those "people" who makes "quotation marks" in the "air" with his "fingers" when he's talking to his "friends."