Duke Energy and Bank of America shareholder meetings getting police scrutiny

The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday that the upcoming shareholder meetings of Duke Energy and the Bank of America have been declared "extraordinary events" by the city. The Duke Energy shareholder meeting is on Thursday; the BoA meeting is on May 7th.

The designation was made because of anticipated protests; it will give police more powers to search individuals attending the event or in areas in the streets around the meetings.

The Observer doesn't mention what other events have been declared "extraordinary" in the past. Teddy's all in favor of law and order, but hopes that these two large companies, who are being called into question for business practices that have had major impacts on the public, aren't using the Charlotte police as a mechanism for discouraging or shutting down legitimate peaceful protest of their actions.

Duke Energy in particular, as a utility with a monopoly in the state, has a responsibility to be more open about their business practices and to accept public criticism of their actions.

Duke Energy's shareholder meeting will be streaming at this link - the link to the stream and access to reports about the meeting are located here.