"Best Recruiting Year Since 1997" Let's Review..

So how good was this best year since 1997? While the Army met its nnumbers with a beefed up recruiting force, a host of new tre-enlistment bonuses, granting more waivers for criminal offenses, and slashing the wash-out rate in half, it still remains a force in trouble when viewed through the budgetary lens. The Army did not submit a budget by the Aug 15 deadline and is in extraordinary negotiations with the White House and OMB directly. Army says it needs about $23 billion more for '08 and at least $13 billion per year more. These are really big numbers, even by Defense budgeting standards. When we are finally out of Iraq, we will still be paying for it for years.


Years indeed.

Our great grandchildren will be paying for it . . . and living with the shame of the Fall of the American Empire.