The statewide primary race everyone should be talking about

Common-sense North Carolinians of all parties should be paying attention to the May 2014 primary race for one of the seats on the NC Supreme Court.

NC's most astute sitting Supreme Court member, Justice Robin Hudson, is being challenged by two corporatist opponents. One of those challengers is an Art Pope minion who serves at one of the Pope entities. Corporatists are trying to squeeze Justice Hudson out in the May primary.

Justice Hudson's rejection of her regressive colleagues' was affirmed by the US Supreme Court (even by Justice Alito!!!) last year in Wos. V. E.M.A.

Justice Hudson also dissented from her regressive colleagues ridiculous anti-consumer decision in Bumpers v. Community Bank of Northern Virginia -- a poor decision that even raised the ire of Roy Cooper. More background on the Bumpers case here from NC Policy Watch.

Everyone is eligible to vote in the statewide May primary for this Supreme Court seat.

Once you've done your research, I hope you'll join me in voting for Justice Robin Hudson this primary season.


I also appreciate this

I wasn't aware that there was such an obvious Popette in this race. I'm so glad to know this.
Would that we could tar every one of them with the stench of Pope's money.

Let's rally for Hudson, and get the added benefit of beating Pope's powerplay.

Thank you so much

Will that be on everybody's ballot, even if you're voting Democrat? I should probably already know that, but I'm not the shiniest spoon in the drawer, if you catch my drift. ;)

Yep, on everyone's ballot

You'll see three names on the May ballot.

Vote for Robin Hudson