22 NC Senate races have no Democrats challenging

And here are the Districts in question:

6, 7, 10, 11, 14,

15, 19, 24, 27, 29,

30, 32, 33, 34, 35,

36, 39, 42, 43, 44,

46, 47

Three more days. While you're contemplating that, contemplate this: there are thousands of Democrats in each of those districts. I haven't had a chance to scrutinize the House seats with no Democratic challengers, so a lot of those Dem voters may have someone they can vote for in the General Assembly. But leaving so many Senate seats unopposed is simply not acceptable.


This is something that really pisses me off.

and I shall consider strike 3 for Mr. Voller. He needs to start thinking outside of Goodwin House and realize that elections cannot be won if we do not show up. How about recruiting? How about candidate training? How about realizing that thinking ahead is huge virtue in politics? If someone can enlighten me as to the steps the NCDP has taken to recruit candidates this year, please do so ... oh and my district is covered so you can forget that line of BS.
It appears to be a failure of leadership plain and simple.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

If you constantly have people taking shots at you...

...and interfering with your plans to do just that, and have to deal with staffers who think they work for the top ticket candidate and no one else - how do you think Randy Voller could possibly do all the things you want him to do.

You call it a failure of leadership. I call it the same thing the Republicans are trying - and succeeding - to do to Obama. Obstruct everything and make it look like he's a failure as a leader and use that to win elections in 2014.

Only these obstructionists are establishment Dems who can't accept the results of the may 2012 or Feb 2013 SEC elections. They are a bunch of sad country-club Dems who don't understand the demographics are changing. They can't take back their party the way Democrats took back the state in 1898 by actually going out and lynching anyone, do they do their lynching the high tech way - they assassinate people's character.

And what they can't accomplish from the outside they try to do from the inside. Either these folks were incompetent or they were engaged in sabotage. Or possibly both.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

What does any of your response have to do with Voller

spending an afternoon delegating to his staff or district chairs? How does someone taking pot shots at Voller keep him from hands on leadership? How do they keep him from making phone calls or sending emails? Do these "obstructionists" keep him locked in a closet?

Delegating what you may say ...

Long about early October of last year Voller could have contacted county chairs either through staff or district chairs to offer training and support to any Dem willing to run.
The support would be voter file training, candidate training regarding how to campaign, financial training and website design. Regional training sessions could have been set up to minimize travel - east, middle and west.

This would give a month or two of lead time for county exec. comm. to find possible candidates and give them something to offer said potential candidates. Then those potential candidates would feel supported and encouraged and more likely to actually file.

That's what a leader could have done.

Do you really think organizing precincts is on par with having someone on the freaking ballot? If we don't show up, we can't win. We could have every precinct organized but that doesn't get us any more candidates.

If those filing numbers hold the NCDP is giving away nearly half the seats in the Senate. HALF!?!?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Actually, the problem was fixed.

It was fixed Feb. 9. Better late than never. There are 3 days left to file.

It does take a staff that knows what it's doing...

...to do most of what you say you expect Voller to do on his own.

Exactly what sort of training and support do you think Voller can offer if some staff is not depositing checks, or paying bills, or pissing money away on other stuff? What if Randy was telling them to do exactly that - and they either didn't do it or they kept fucking it up?

Or spending all their time working with the Hagan campaign instead of doing the work you and I both wanted them to do to help identify and recruit potential candidates?

And when he tried to provide supervision and oversight, or discipline them, they called him a bully and ran off crying to the Council of State to protect their jobs that they aren't doing?

If it was up to me, I'd have given Robert and the crew two months to get with Randy's program. By August I'd have fired them and started again - called the second guy on the list and see if he was free. If not, call the next one down the list and keep going till you find one who was available. Give them a probationary period and fire them if they don't get the job done right.

Do you think it's too much to ask the staff to include all the speakers at the SHF Dinner? I don't - but if they couldn't do that right, what hope do we have that they'd do the rest of their work well enough to let Randy do the stuff a Chair is really supposed to be doing.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

This makes me want to be impulsive

... and throw my hat in the ring, even though I'm unfit for candidacy (though not unfit to serve). There is simply no excuse for any party allowing the other to run unopposed. Ever. Too bad we don't have the option of simply running the name Democrat with the understanding that the county party will be responsible for finding someone to serve the term should the generic win.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Agreed but

when they've gerrymandered themselves a guaranteed seat, it takes a special kind of motivation to tilt at the windmill.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

If it pisses you off that thousands of Dems...

...live in those districts, think of the thousands of Democrats who live in un-organized precincts all over the state who have no voice in their party?

If we had all those precincts organized, those Dems would have a voice not only in who leads our party, but in how they lead it and what we stand for (our platform)!

If we had those precincts organized, we'd be able to harness the volunteer power and recurring small-dollar donations and wouldn't need to rely on big donations and the strings attached to them!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Politico: The End of the Parties

For many state parties, the party may soon be over.

State party officials across the country say the explosion of money into super PACs, nonprofit groups and presidential campaigns has made fundraising more difficult. And some of those outside groups are starting to take over the traditional local roles state parties play, spending big on voter contact and outreach operations.

The effect is that candidates can be more beholden to national organizations or single-issue groups rather than state party leaders. That’s leading to a change in candidates and their beliefs and the issues that come up in elections and statehouses.

this was found online at NewsObserver.com under Morning Memo. Good read that mentions NC party.

Martha Brock



I had heard that the Senate

I had heard that the Senate Democratic Caucus counted itself responsible for recruiting candidates to run for that body. Why blame Voller? They certainly collect money (from each Dem Senator). Sometimes they hire a director. So what are they doing to fill this void??

Back in June 2013

both the House and Senate Caucuses asked the Taxpayer Checkoff Committee to give them some of the tax checkoff money because the caucuses were (nearly) broke.

Of course if they were able to raise more money on their own, they wouldn't need the grant.

But most members of the Tax Checkoff Committee had long wanted to set up a recurring small dollar donor program like we used to have under Jerry Meek. The main difference in this newer one would be that the two caucuses, the NCDP and the District Chairs would split the money roughly four ways after the original seed money ($25K to each caucus and $10K for NCDP for setup and preliminary administration costs for a total of $60K) was paid out.

The plan was submitted to all the players (NCDP Chair, senior Senate and House members), and they liked it. The deal was signed, the checks were cut back in June - then nothing happened for 8 months. Questions were asked - and excuses were made by staff.

First it was "the donors are confused". With the program not set up yet, what donors could be confused, and what would they be confused about? Big donors certainly wouldn't like a recurring small dollar donor program that substantially lessened their influence in the party. There's no confusion there!

Next it was "the staff doesn't understand why we have to go outside the party to get someone to start this up". To that I ask: if the staff thought they could have done it in-house, why didn't they do it by this time?

No - I think it all came down to if it was something they didn't get 100% benefit from, they were not interested in helping to set it up or administer it. They didn't mind taking the money up front though.

Incompetence or sabotage - which was it?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Two down, twenty to go

I just received confirmation that two of these districts (14, 15) will have Dems filing in the next few days. If anybody reading this knows of any others from this list that are (or will be) accounted for, please let us know.

Just a reminder. Tick-tock, tick-tock...

I usually take Nathan's word with a grain of salt, and I'm going to double-check these numbers in the a.m. But bruising primaries combined with no attempts in 15 districts = massive fail, in my opinion.

So another NCDP failure of leadership

The republicans are guaranteed to take over the chief justice chair on the NC Supreme Court. Article here.

This is beyond disgusting. The only races on the ballot this year that cannot be affected by gerrymandering are Hagan's senate seat and statewide judicial seats. How do you let the chief justice seat go unchallenged? How is that seat not a major priority? How do you not get on the phone, not send some emails, not get word about possible candidates from those with legal connections? It doesn't take money, it doesn't even take a staff. It takes perhaps 30 minutes a few days a week.

I voted for Voller enthusiastically, but now i consider him to be a living embodiment of the Peter Principle. Bob Geary is right; Voller needs to step down. I wouldn't trust him to run an election for dog catcher. He may have been effective in Chatham Co., but he has done zero as state chair.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

where does it say that Randy's duty is to find candidates...

...for each and every race?

It sounds like you suffer from “electoralitis” - an over-emphasis on "elections-only" (and by implication, on politicians and their personalities).

Perhaps if Randy had staffers who knew how to do their jobs and just did them (making sure delegates and SEC members got counted at meetings, to paying bills and depositing checks and setting-up recurring small dollar donor programs, etc.) and stopped being disrespectful and insubordinate, Randy would have had time to do some of these things on his own. Or form committees of lawyers to search for judicial candidates.

But when the staffers that he inherited or hired (and caught the “electoralitis” virus after spending too much time in Goodwin House) were either incompetent or engaged in sabotage, there is a limit to how much work any one or a small number of people can do. The very people complaining the loudest against Randy are the ones largely contributing to the problem

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Per the POO, the chair is suppsed to develop and execute

a strategic plan for the NCDP. Call me crazy, but assuring there is a Dem on the ballot for Chief of the NC Supreme Court should probably be an important part of that plan. Doesn't take staffers to do this. True leaders take action when such is necessary.

Has he developed a strategic plan? If so, was getting candidates for key races a part of that plan?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?