Rockingham County considers moving polling places out of schools

Via the Greensboro News and Record, the Rockingham County Board of Elections is considering a proposal to move polling places out of schools. The proposal would impact nine of the 15 voting sites in the county, including all in Reidsville. Critics notes that the move would cost $22,000 and that they wouldn't be able to find alternatives for all of the sites.

In explaining their vote against using schools as voting sites, Toni Reece, the election board’s chairwoman, and board member Velma Loy — both Republicans — had concerns about voters wandering away from polling locations and into areas where there are students.

Sorry, I don't buy this - public schools have been used as polling places for decades with no problem.

Is it really because the Republicans are concerned that voters might be reminded of one of the biggest issues in NC politics right now - cuts in teacher pay and the rape of the public school system by Republicans in the legislature?

Anyone seeing similar moves at other local Republican controlled election boards?


The bipartisan commission

The bipartisan presidential commission recently found that one of the few fixes studied and suggested by Republicans and Democrats around the country to reduce voting times and make it more accessible was to rely on public schools for voting locations even more.

They said that for schools that were hesitant to do it, make election day a work day, so only the teachers not the students are around.

Why now?

Very true, but I don't think that's the main motivation with this move coming at the height of press coverage about the Republican's rape of education.


It seemed unfair during amendment one for churches to be able to put up anti-gay messages, and then ban others from having signs.

Ridiculous idea

Schools are wonderful polling places. They're centrally located, have plenty of parking and space for curbside voting, and using them as voting locations reinforces the importance of voting in young and impressionable minds. The idea that people would wander off down the hall is absurd, just as the idea of voter fraud is absurd. Voter ID and moving percents away from schools are both solutions in search of a problem.

Person County makes good use of Volunteer

Fire Dept. stations. They are spread throughout the county and cover areas not covered by our more centralized schools. They work really well. Sure beats churches.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?