10 Planks Democrats Can Run On And Win

10 Planks Democrats Can Run On And Win
A recent ad in The Nation magazine caught my attention with this bold statement. Avenging Angels is an advertising agency devoted exclusively to progressive causes. Obviously progressive capitalists, their message resonates with much of what is done here at BlueNC. Maybe not my personal top ten but I like their spunk.

Democrats, you can't beat something with nothing. You need ideas. Without ideas you appear clueless as to how to fix the country. These planks are not nailed down. Borrow any ones you like. Click on a plank and read the reasoning and rationale behind it. Then go out and fight for them. With rancor.

Would W slap back this hand? You bet he would:

1. Empower America's taxpayers to cut the Pentagon down to size.

2. Nail Bush to the wall for advocating default on the Social Security Trust Fund.

3. What do illegal aliens owe America? Two years of national service.

4. End credit card loansharking. Give states the power to outlaw usurious interest rates.

5. Expose the "secret" Bush/Cheney energy policy. The secret: There is no policy.

6. Make "Ambassador to the United Nations" America's most honored office.

7. End the "war" on terrorism. Create a global anti-terrorist police force modeled on Interpol.

8. One man, one vote: Elect our next President by nationwide popular vote.

9. Replace the Donut Hole with a simple, fair Rx plan worthy of the name Medicare.

10. Honk if you love trains: Start building the rail system America will depend on.

“It is time for the better angels of our nature to start kicking ass.”


Very cool ideas.

It truly is time to start kicking ass. My favorite for today is #7. The War on Terra is going the way of the War on Drugs ... right down the frickin' toilet, with NOTHING to show for it beyond a gigantic sink hole for money.

Though I might be willing to propose a War on Idiots ... in which case we could incarcerate the 30% of Americans who are right-wing Bushbots. I hear there's plenty of room in Gitmo.

I love these

and it feels good to read something positive for a change.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I did something like this...

When I was working for the Mojo Zoo Advertising Agency, I rewrote the Green Party's 10 key Values to resonate with regular people - Waiter Juan and Farmer Jane types.

The reaction was unexpected and I was crucified for my efforts.

Even though they tested very well and built enthusiasm for the Greens, it was seen as a bad thing.

Go figure.

It still comes down to having 10 specific things that are great ideas and run on them. Don't say "I wanna fix the tax system," have a easy to understand mechanism to fix and explain it to people.

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These are good Greg,

Thought I'd bring you a pic of my "Angels"

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Have a problem with #8 tho. What if there is a 3rd candidate, say Green party, and some dems or indys vote for them. Maybe this ends in a 3 way tie, with the combo of the dem and the green getting the most, but in individual totals, the Rep gets the most....they win.

Maybe far-fetched, but don't like it the way it is now either.

Oh, and the pic is another teaser from our 'tour' of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock....;)

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

The Lure of Lure

Thanks Momo,

On #8 I am fond of proportional representation with voting in order of preference. The lowest polling candidate would have votes distributed among other candidates and so on until one candidate remained that had widespread support.

I like Lake Lure and surrounding areas. Interesting story recently about a WV man who won a $3 million dream house at Lake Lure from HGTV but couldn't afford to live in it.
Dream Home to go on market in Asheville Citizen-Times.

Hamilton's Nightmare

Jefferson and Hamilton were at eaceh others throats on the topic of political parties in the new American political system.

Jefferson, loving that freedom thing, advocated for more parties than just 2. He believed it would give the people a way to overthrow a corrupt government with the Electoral College.

This drove Hamilton nuts, an advocate of a two party system, it kept outsiders out.

As the electoral college stands, it is possible for a candidate to win the Oval Office by only winning the 11 largest states. Those states equals the 270 electoral votes to win.

Lastly, it would take amending the Constitution to move to popular vote for the Oval Office. And they way things stands, I would rather everyone leave it totally alone for now. My fear is we will wake up and Cheney will be opening a new Constitutional Congress.