Obama anger runs deep

Obama anger runs deep. I was sitting with friends at a local Chapel Hill cafe this morning when a man walked over to the communal newspapers and ripped out the picture of the President that was on the front page. He glared at us while doing so, as if to dare us to challenge him.

He took the picture with him as he went back to his seat to say grace over his breakfast.

We wondered what he would have done had we challenged him and whether or not he had a concealed carry permit.


You should have said,

"Ah. Having breakfast with the President, I see. Who are you meeting for lunch, Warren Buffet?"

It's more than race

This reminds me of my grandmother.

She was born around 1900 and passed away in the early 70s. She lived all her life in the northwest mountains of NC, a staunch and harsh Republican. She kept photos of Taft, Harding, Hoover and Coolidge on her mantle and talked about how much she hated FDR and Kennedy practically until the day she died.

The story I heard from several members of the family was that she was absolutely livid when FDR won a fourth term. She got a photograph of him and soaked in a dish of vinegar to put a curse on him. When FDR died in office a few months later, she was practically giddy that she had "killed him".

I was quite young when she passed away, but remember that she was a frightful, bitter woman. I remember one member of the family, as we were leaving the funeral saying, "That was a relief."

The current generation of Republicans has no monopoly on childish, hateful behavior.

I wouldn't get too hung up on

I wouldn't get too hung up on that incident. It is more funny than anything else. After all he was in "enemy" territory doing that in Chapel Hill!

I'm a moderate Democrat.


I think we all have our stories like this, although I haven't seen this kind of demonstration before.

Recently there were a couple guys conversing at the post office. One fella tells the other that his boss tried to sign up for Obamacare but he couldn't get it. The other guy says that Obama will end up taking everything away before it's over with. First guy replies that Obama really doesn't want people to actually get the insurance, he just wants to take credit for it.

Another conversation I overheard was at the grocery store. Two guys (reminds me of that Andy Griffith episode Those Gossipin' Men, where they accuse the women of being gossips and the women start a fake rumor to show that men are just as guilty) were talking about taxes. First guy says that his tax man told him that if he paid in $1500 last year that he would pay in $3000 this year. The implication seemed to be that taxes in general have doubled in the past year. The other guy replied that this would never change as long as Obama was president.

That seems to be the general theme, though, among Republicans. Anything that is bad is caused by Obama. Anything good happens in spite of Obama. I just wonder how they are going to switch gears for 2016. My guess is it will be that Hillary will just continue Obama's failed policies that she helped create. Something to that effect.

They have created such a perfect boogeyman in Obama that it's going to be difficult for them to let that go. Eventually they have to run against someone else though.

I remember when everything

I remember when everything was Clinton's fault.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

While in the 80's everything bad was

Carter's fault. Small minds must have their boogeymen, their "evil others", to explain that which is bad in the world. The greedy use the boogeymen as a smoke screen.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


I think we can all truly agree that everything was Dubya's fault. If nothing else, let's give him credit for trapping us in endless war.

Looking at what is said here

It looks like blaming the "other" or "previous" guy sure has been the easy way out for a lot of the presidents in our relatively recent past. That "buck stops here" stuff seems to be more bullshit than anything else. And looking back on previous presidents that have served two terms, most of them got blamed for just everything wrong going on after they were in their second year of their second term. Politics and alliances change periodically in America and they always have.

Divided and Conquered Big Time by both 1% Political Parties

that keeps us from doing anything worthwhile as a country when we really need to be competitive in the rapidly changing world. * loft T

You got that right! Don't be a fool and become a tool of the Blue and Red State gangs which they want.. Get out of Dodge City and head to the hills of Russian..........

To be arrested?

To be arrested like recent Greene Peace activists and Pussy Riot?

Sure they were busted! But Pardon for being Stupid!

You have no concept of Russian Justice which is 1000 times better than USA Justice.. Green Peace marches to a different Drummer and in reality a armed Camp of Pirates who have repect for basic Constitutional Properties of Individuals and Religious Beliefs of Groups and their Property...Green Peace belives that a reduced World Wide Populations should be 1 Billion individual humans on this Planet and no more and any method to reach that goal should not be stop by Governments or humans that seek individual freedom of their basic rights..Ie..Life, Liberty, and Property ........In short, that means Murder, or anything else that destroys Human Beings shall be used..Gee! that sounds like Nazi German or the Former Soviet Union tactics of the past..

My experience with Greenpeace

I'll grant my interactions with Greenpeace activists have been limited, but I saw some of them along side NC Warn working to turn out folks to public hearings across NC to speak out against rate hikes that Duke Energy was pushing.

In that instance they seemed to be speaking out against financial burdens on those who are already struggling and against practices that would damage and pollute the environment. They hardly struck me as having mass-murdering intentions, any more than Russia strikes me as a beacon of justice, equality, and democracy.

What do you make of the way in which Mr. Putin has claimed so much power? I believe he's in his third term in charge, and even at the times when he wasn't officially in charge, he never seemed very far from it.

Good luck

I gave up trying to reason with (or even understand) Connie a long time ago. Probably because I'm an alien lizard impersonating a progressive blogger, or a deep-cover operative for the CIA. In reality, I'm both. And I work part-time for the UN, but that's only so I can travel around and stir up trouble wherever liberty and self-determination crop up.