Pat McCrory's Super Special Christmas Special

The governor goes walking (and singing) in a winter wonderland of disenchanted voters as he seeks to remind them why he's such a wonderful guy.

Pat McCrory's Super Special Christmas Special from The Bully Documentary Co on Vimeo.


Thanks for posting this, Frank

I tried to grab the embed code earlier, but it kept locking my computer up.

Great job. It wouldn't surprise me to see this picked up by the national media.

That was just too cute+

Acting and "readers" were questionable, of course, but the message was dead ass on. At least it was dead ass on for those of us that do not like the republicans in our state being in control of our state. I agree with Rip. AWESOME!

Nicely done

And the portrayal of the Guvnor as a puppet surely wasn't lost on us! :-D

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


Thanks everybody- and thanks to Tom for taking it to Crooks and Liars.

I think this puppet shares a lot in common with the Governor. They are both deeply frustrated by circumstances; namely that they’re controlled by people who are cleverer than they are.

Let them eat cookies!

If my history class served me well, I believe it was cartoons and humor that took Marie Antoinette down. Good work making me laugh today!

Who is your target this year, Eaton

Who are you going to attempt to destroy this year Frank? You going to "hep" the Democratic Party by splintering it? Grow up. Don't know what I am talking about, call me and I will tell you! Just remember, one ought to be careful when attacking people, might wander in to defamation - ya think?



New Year's resolution:

I'm going to do whatever I can to stamp out the dying embers of the self-inflicted fire that has burned so many bridges in the NCDP. And if some people get pissed off at me, oh well. I'd rather they exercise their demons that way than against each other.

2014 is upon us. There are hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians suffering unnecessarily, and we simply don't have the luxury of engaging in intra-party conflicts at this time. Forward constantly, and not one step back. This argumentative comment is a step back, so please refrain from taking that stance in the future, Bill.

you are right!

We don't need intra-party conflicts at this time. What we need is all Democrats getting together under the banner of the NCDP.

We don't need people who don't respect the results of an election that didn't go their way and continue to take cheap shots at the current NCDP leadership. And then when they still don't get their way after pitching several hissy-fits, they decide to work around the NCDP by creating all these PACs and 501(c)3/4 groups to raise money and starve the NCDP. Read their descriptions - they almost all read the same. Check and see who makes up their founders and their boards of advisors - it's some of the same players who wanted to dump David Parker and who didn't want Randy Voller elected. But I have to ask - how "democratic" are these organizations? Do they have a set of by-laws or does anyone vote for officers? Who do these people report to - the money folks who also sit on their board of advisors?

It's gonna take some time to accomplish, but one day even the PACs and the 501(c)3/4 groups will be put out of business when the money is taken out of politics and we have 100% public financing of political campaigns. The political parties will be out of the money-laundering business for good and they can get back to what they really need to be doing - electing candidates who will work to turn the party platforms into public policy. Platforms that are created by the rank and file party officers - not big money donors.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Here's a question for you,

and I'd appreciate an answer that doesn't veer off into a litany of complaints about electeds or what happened in 2010:

What do you tell potential donors to the NCDP who are concerned about why the Party would appropriate $10,000 to sweep a sexual harassment charge under the rug?

I'm even going to give you the (proper) answer to that question, totally free of charge: "That was a mistake, and one that will never happen again."

It really is as simple as that, but (unfortunately) I have yet to hear it said.

No, no, I deserve that...

But trust me, I learned my lesson and plan to live by it:

You can't fix the NCDP.

Merry Xmas, Bill.


NCDP can be fixed.

It's being fixed right now - repaired by elected officers to repair the damage caused by decades of damage by people who just used NCDP to launder scads of money from big donors to elect their buddies who hired consultants - often with no bid contracts (like the folks who work for Aldona Wos - all hired because of who they were).

All these folks had an interest in keeping the money-laundering operation purring right along.

Then came 2010 - and none of the usual suspects saw that one coming. But even after we lost, some folks thought the party would be able to keep the same money laundering operation - and that includes filtering it through their favorite consultants. And when David and Jay tried to create some long-needed policies on how to save money and do more with the money we still had - and that caused quite the commotion! So of course, if David and Jay were going to try and find other consultants who could do more with less money (and not make mistakes and typos along the way), they had to go!

And after the coup against Parker failed in 2012, the SEC again picked their own choice to lead the Party and some folks couldn't stand that. So it's been one cheap shot against the NCDP chair after another.

That's why I raise the issue of copyright and puppet ownership. Sure it's a cute commercial. But these press releases and some of these Blue NC comments could also be somewhat hypocritical if the issue of copyright and puppet ownership isn't 100% clear. That's why I am asking who owns the copyright and who paid for the creating the physical puppet. Possession could be 9/10ths of the law, but I am sure that some of the cheap shots were taken against our current NCDP Chair have been taken by people using tech gear stolen from the DNC in Charlotte. That takes nerve to do.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Merry Christmas, Bill!

As usual, your sunny disposition brings smiles to all of our faces. Happy New Year!

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Love this!

Thanks for posting, Frank.

Link doesn't work

Nor does your argument about copyright. James originally used the terms "puppets" working for the "puppetmaster" years ago, and you don't see him complaining about the usage. Because the only thing that matters is exposing the hypocrisy and hurtful policies of Republicans. All this other stuff is pointless and counter-productive.

Yes I know the link doesn't work

Many things don't work like they are supposed to work. Of course I'd rather just post the screen shot - but for some reason I can't post an image on here.

But copyright does matter It's up to James to complain if someone steals from him. Not sure if the specific usage of "puppets" working for the "puppetmaster" would be close enough in court, but it's up to James to raise that issue. If he choses not to, that's up to him.

But it's not pointless or counterproductive to mention the hypocrisy of some on here who continue to take shots at the current NCDP leadership while at the same time using resources that might have been paid for by NCDP without the permission of NCDP.

Here's a hypothetical question - if the only thing that matters is exposing the hypocrisy and hurtful policies of the Republicans, can you break into my house and take what you want as long as you are doing so in the name of defeating Republicans?

Can you steal e-mail addresses from NCDP and give them to other candidates as long as you claim you are doing so to defeat Republicans?

Can you not return lots of tech gear to the DNC convention in Charlotte that you were issued as part of your employment and use it to take shots at NCDP leadership as long as you also use it to defeat Republicans?

There has been a lot of misuse of Party resources going on over the years in the name of either keeping our Democratic majority or now trying to take it back. Are you saying that's OK?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

You have my blessing, Chris

Spend some time at the NCDP going through the contracts and invoices from 2012 regarding Puppet Pat. You'll also need to interview me, Jay Parmley, Walton Robinson, and Andrew Whalen (who was in charge of the coordinated campaign). You might also want to coordinate with the party attorney. Once you've established a paper trail of copyright ownership based on evidence that should be incredibly easy to compile, I think you should submit a report to the SEC as well as an official complaint to the COR, citing the offending parties. A civil suit should follow, as is most often the next step in these cases, in order to recover lost income and royalties based on merchandising and distribution incomes deprived the copyright holder.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

Don't need your blessing - you don't speak for the Party

But you already answered my question and pointed me in the direction of what I was looking for.

There's nothing quite like taking advantage of a byzantine management system to allow someone to use something they might not otherwise be able to use without permission. Being able to say you didn't know who to ask might be enough for some people, but not for others.

Thankfully Randy Voller is working to clear things up at NCDP. He campaigned on fixing these and other similar issues at NCDP. Which is probably one of the many reasons why some folks never wanted him to be elected and have fought him tooth and nail ever since he won election earlier this year. Perhaps that's why he and others arrived the day after the February 2013 SEC election to find the paper shredders working full-blast. So it might be hard to find those contracts you write about.

I (and I am sure other people) would really love to ask Walton Robinson a few questions about Twitter accounts.

And Andrew Whalen did a great job being in charge of the 2012 coordinated campaign after being the NCDP ED during the 2010 election cycle.

Besides, I hear you would be a hard person to interview, or just get hold of in general.....

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting