NC Policy Watch has an excellent summary of North Carolina's sad lottery saga. I've excerpted some of the best commentary, but please go read the whole thing.

If all goes according to plan, retailers in North Carolina will begin selling scratch off lottery tickets in two weeks. If that happens, it will be the first thing about this lottery that has worked the way it was promised.

Even lottery supporters have to admit that this game has been flawed from the beginning. It was passed by the General Assembly unethically, if not illegally. A pending lawsuit will settle that question.

Early in the session, House Speaker Jim Black promised a lottery with no advertising. That restriction was removed in the final budget and now lottery commissioners are approving commercials for the scratch off games.

We were also assured that the lottery would not bring corruption to North Carolina, but the lottery commission had barely met for the first time when a commissioner resigned after lying on an ethics form.

Then we learned that Black’s former Chief of Staff was lobbying for a lottery company without registering with the Secretary of State. Those revelations sparked a federal investigation that continues today.

There's more in this well-written piece, much more, so please go take a look. The only thing I see that NC Policy Watch has overlooked is the fact that the state is also implementing a counseling program to help gambling addicts when they get hooked on the delusion of winning the big prize. On the back of every lottery ticket will be an 800 number you can call to get help as you hock your home and your family's health on the way to the poorhouse.

I hate this fucking lottery and everything it stands for. I resent the hell out of the fact that I have to explain to my child why North Carolina has legalized gambling to pay for her education. I am disgusted by elected officials who don't have the balls to stand for integrity and the common good. You know who you are.


the lottery is not abnormal

its not that the lottery functioning is any different than the rest of state government, it's just that it has faced much more scrutiny from the press. gambling happens all over North Carolina, the state is just getting a piece of the pie.


I know there's plenty of incompetence and corruption in all quarters, and I'm resigned to it happening. In fact, I promised awhile back to stop ranting about the lottery.

I apologize for breaking my promise, and I won't do it again (make such a stupid promise, that is.)