Thank you, George Bush.

I'm sure the president's puppets will be crying foul and critcizing the 'leakers' of the latest national intelligence estimate. But hopefully mainstream media stenographers will keep their eyes on the sad conclusions instead of falling for the 're-direction' soon to be spewing from the White House Cesspool.

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat

So NOW what do you have to say for your two-faced self Floppin Hayes?
How about you, Up Chuck Taylor? Do you still stand behind your dumb-shit president?
Sue Myrick? Are we really fighting them over there so blah blah blah?
And Freedom Fries Jones? What's your excuse for being a Bush enabler? (Yeah, I heard you whined about the war once . . . for about three seconds.)

So thank you, George Bush. Thank you Republicans. You've finally found something you're really good at. Creating more terrorism.

Go read the story. It'll make you sick.


I know people think it's over the top

but I truly and honestly do believe that the Bushman is guilty of crimes against humanity. Cindy Sheehan called him the world's number one terrorist and got in a lot of shit for it. I think she was pretty damn close to the mark.

If my kid had been killed in Iraq for Bush's lies, I'd want some serious justice.

16 year old grandson

If they keep this up, he's going to be in serious trouble. Keep attacking countries, expand the war, establish the draft.

Shuler YES, Taylor NO!