Vernon Robinson is a Disgrace to Veterans

When I think of veterans, I think of Colon Powell, American Legion Members, and my grandfathers. All good men who served their country in times of need. They are proud of the service they gave to the USA and want the American dream to be alive for future generations to enjoy.

Veterans across the United States are being disgraced by the candidacy of Vernon Robinson in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District. Using images of himself as an Air Force Academy graduate, Robinson uses race, homophobia, and pure bigotry in an attempt to smear the record of Congressman Brad Miller.

Republican Vernon Robinson, candidate for Congress challenging incumbent Democrat Brad Miller, is quite the disturbed individual. He has ran for numerous offices without luck, and reminds me of the perenial B52 candidate, always looking to drop the political bombshell.

His advertising is racist, homophobic, and makes former Senator Jesse Helms appear worthy of sainthood. Besides the advertising, it is appaling that Vernon Robinson is running for Congress to represent a district he does not call home. Add it all up, and it is easy to conclude that Vernon Robinson brings out the worst in politics.

When faced with such candidates, responsible political parties take steps to shield themselves from bigotry and stupidity. I am disappointed at the lack of words from the North Carolina State Republican Party denouncing Robinson's campaign advertising. Does anyone remember the 2000 GOP National Convention where the theme was tolerance? I guess the silence from the state GOP is code for intoloerance towards immigrants and gays?


Don't hold your breath

waiting for the NCGOP to do anything decent and honorable. The only thing they're interested in is neocon purity. Vermin Robinson is a raving @$$hole on the lunatic fringe ... which means he fits right in. He's an Uncle Tom who knows how to squeeze money out of wacko racists ... which means he fits right in. He's a liar and a con-man ... which means he fits right in.

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No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.