Y'all Vote

The people who frequent this blog need no further encouragement to vote on November 7.

However, if you know someone who doesn't really know who's running in the fall's elections, or can't distinguish between Mark Martin the Supreme Court candidate and Mark Martin the NASCAR driver, please consider directing them to a new non-commercial web site, www.yallvote.com.

The site contains the most comprehensive list of web sites for candidates running for North Carolina state and local offices (including all 100 counties - which doesn't necessarily seem like a lot until you build 100 separate web pages for them). Other features include links to voter registration forms, a blog to debate voter turnout issues, an "Election Alarm Clock" reminder, and other links to relevant sites.

www.yallvote.com is non-partisan, non-commercial (i.e., we accept no advertising and collect no revenue) and does not support a particular candidate or ideology.

After an abysmal voter turnout for the May primary (including just 4% in Mecklenburg County and 5% in Wake County!), I hope this site will help in some small way come November 7.


Y'all note

Y'all vote appears to be a most excellent public service, one worth spreading the word about. It's easy to use and honest . . . which is saying a lot in today's political environment.

Thanks for coming by. I'll do what I can to promote it.

PS Have you looked at publicizing in the MSM? The title alone should get you some good ink! Nice work.

Y'all Vote!

Nice work!

Usin' the web to get folks involved—I love it!