Petition against Major new Senate Landfill Bill

The petition from NC Conservation Network to send to state legislators and the governor:

A new bill (Senate Bill 328) in the state legislature is jam-packed with every bad idea from the last five years regarding landfills. S328 would radically weaken environmental standards for landfills, including: eliminating landfill height restrictions and weakening protective buffers; expanding the length of permits to 30 years (meaning new standards won’t apply to old landfills); allowing groundwater contamination to stay in place indefinitely; eliminating the requirement for regular inspections of toxic liquid collection lines; and prohibiting revisions to state groundwater standards more frequently than once every five years.

The bill has passed out of Senate Committees and is due on the Senate Floor on Tuesday, June 11th.

Don’t let North Carolina become a toxic waste dump with towering "Mt. Trashmores" from the mountains to the coast. Please send a message to state legislators and the Governor and urge them to oppose this awful bill today!

Further information about the bill:

Below is a quote from a news article about the bill's behind the scene surprise:

RALEIGH — Legislation that loosens landfill permitting rules moved forward on short notice Thursday as state Sen. Trudy Wade shepherded a vast rewrite of the rules through committee.
Wade, R-Guilford, pasted 18 pages worth of new regulations into Senate Bill 328, which had been a much shorter bill dealing with a single rule dealing with dump trucks.
She coordinated with landfill industry representatives on the overhaul, which includes changes they’ve requested for several years. But industry lobbyist Alexander “Sandy” Sands stressed to committee members Thursday that “this is Sen. Wade’s bill.”
Environmental activists reacted with concern as the Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources approved the bill after less than an hour’s discussion. Word of the eminent changes leaked out the day before, after Wade’s initial dump truck bill sat idle for more than two months and the rewrite went on behind the scenes.


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I wonder if this has anything to do

with the push to get White Street landfill back in the trash business. It's been a huge fight in Greensboro for years, with the poorest on the receiving end of a stinky situation.

You're not the first to wonder ...

The News & Record article, by Travis Fain, indicates that as a possibility:

She pushed unsuccessfully as a Greensboro City Council member to expand the White Street landfill in the city. Her cousin owns a trucking company that was up for, but did not get, a portion of the city’s waste-hauling contract last year.

Some people have expressed concern that Wade would work in the Senate to reopen the landfill. She has denied that repeatedly, saying that only the City Council can do so.

Then there's the sneaky way the bill was handled ...

Yeah, I figured as much

The Legislature has turned into a GOP free-for-all, with no bill too bad for them to think twice about. And I fear it will only get worse, as these idiots come to the realization that anything goes.