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This post is about Ohio, the state of my birth. I believe it applies to North Carolina politics when one analyzes the job loss that both states have seen in the manufacturing section. How is it that people in government positions can be so careless about the people they vow to serve?

This blog posting is the work of some concerned citizens in the state of Ohio who have sent me information that is very disturbing. I can not take credit for this information, yet I want to thank my source as writting this blog gives me great pleasure.

As a Buckeye resident for nearly 26 years, I am appalled at the changes Ohio underwent and the response taken by leaders in both parties. As Ohio burnt, Republicans and Democrats alike danced in the streets of Columbus ignoring the plight of everyday Buckeye residents.

Ohio has lost nearly 53,000 manufacturing jobs because of unfair trade policies that pit American workers against low-wage workers from other parts of the world. This job loss has an affect on the entire economy of the state and leads to layoffs and elimination of jobs in other sectors dependent upon the labor of those who lost their employment due to outsourcing and trade agreements passed in the 1990's.

In Ohio's 58th District, there is anincumbent State Representative, Dan White, who is arguing that outsourcing of jobs leads to more jobs in the United States. I have thought about this statement the past few months and can only come to one conclusion, "how absurd!" If this view is prevalent amongst our elected officials, can we save the United States from the economic downturn that will insue if jobs continue to be outsourced from our country.

Dan White represents what is wrong with the thinking of the business elite in the United States. His selection by Republicans to replace resinging Rep. Kathleen Walcher further shows the disconnect between Republicans and working class individuals. Repbulicans have one concern, putting individuals in office who can raise money and further their destructive economic policies. They do not care about workers who lose thier jobs because outsourcing increases the profits of their stockholding companies.

I know workers who were employed by Mr. White but lost their livelihoods because he outsourced their jobs to India. This outsourcing did not lead to new jobs in Huron County, Ohio. In all honesty, the loss of jobs from Mr. White's company led to greater job loss and Huron County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state of Ohio.

Challenging Mr. White is Lorain County lawyer Dan Barrett. I first met Barrett in 2004 and was impressed with him as a person. He cares about the average person and would do the people of northcentral Ohio well in the Ohio General Assembly. I found an excerpt from an Ohio Blog and am sharing a piece of it with you below.

Going door to door, Barrett finds that the top concern on voters' minds is jobs ("we need better jobs, better paying jobs, we need jobs that are going to stay here"). Jobs are especially the focus in Huron County, which is in the bottom ten percent of the state in job creation and retention. Barrett said that his opponent Dan White owned a company in Norwalk (in Huron County) which employed hundreds of people. In 2003 he joined a group called the Society for International Business Fellows, which Barrett describes as a "network to teach business people how to outsource." Within a year of joining, after attending classes at a conference in Brazil, White moved all those jobs to India. He has since started a consulting firm for outsourcing jobs called SourceQuest.

White contends that outsourcing is good for the local economy and creates jobs, but Barrett finds it "kind of hard to buy that logic." There are no definite statistics to prove White's claim, and Barrett says "I don’t think your maid and your gardener and your caddy should count in those numbers." White has made a "lot of money" but his ideas are "not best for Ohio, and they’re definitely not best for this district." As to White's recent appointment to the seat, Barrett says that White is "trying to have the best of both worlds, saying 'I wasn’t there to mess it up, but I’m the incumbent so re-elect me.'" White outspent his primary opponent by a large margin, and Barrett expects him to put a substantial amount of his own money into the general election.
*Source, Ohio2006Blog

The people of Ohio's 58th House District have a choice this November that is very clear, responsible vs. irresponsible leadership. To place a committed outsourcer in public office is like placing Benedict Arnold in charge of the War Department. It just doesn't make sense, in fact, "it's downright treasonous!"


You could change the names and locations in this post

and pretty much write it for the 8th District. Hayes was just quoted as saying "this thing" is good when referring to CAFTA.

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Sad story.

Well written, but sad all the same.

This is the Republican plan....sell America

but like the War in Iraq, they don't have a "clean up" plan....so they spin before the elections, hopping the the majority of voters aren't paying attention.

Now, the insurance industry is also trying to outsource our Medical care....trying to get people to go to India for operations, because it's cheaper. Damn, I hope when the Dems take America away from these "Brats" they will slam on those outsouced brakes!

Thanks for brining this to us AndrewJacksonDem, it is sad and I hope another proverbial nail in the Republican Coffin!

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