Make this the most emailed NYTimes article ever!

Fresh off his DO THE MATH Tour (the most direct aim attack the fossil fuel corporations will likely ever see), Bill McKibben says he found this

the NY Times front page article comes from our Minneapolis roadshow last Friday night, and the article concisely lays out the demands and the strategy of the campaign. It’s precisely the boost we need. So please, go read it here:
We’re quickly getting traction, but we can get more if we have your help.

So, first things first: please email the article by clicking the "E-Mail" button on the New York Times website -- if we can get it on the newspaper's "most emailed list", we can help make sure it goes as far as possible, as fast as possible.

For full instructions on how to email the article, click here:



Thanks. Would be good to penetrate the UNC student body and faculty ... I'll do what I can to help.