Weekend wound-up


The NC War on Women

continues unabated in the General Assembly. Our sad state is ranked 30th in the number of women legislators. Before long, secessionist Repubs will be passing a constitutional amendment to keep them from voting until they undergo invasive vaginal sonograms.

That is crazy

And what's even crazier is that most people probably still think going after Art Pope is a waste of time.

That's one thing Gary Pearce has a serious hole in his

brain about .... he doesn't seem to have a problem with Art Pope. After the debacle of 2010 he found Pope blameless. Instead he railed against the incompetency of the NCDP. Of course he is right about the utter lack of execution on the part of dem leadership in 2010, but to say that Pope had nothing to do with it is just crazy.

I saw this over on T.A.P. post 2010 election.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

A lot of people have a blind spot

when it comes to Art Pope. Either they think he's harmless as long as he doesn't (personally) run for office, or they think his policy ideas only appeal to a handful of Libertarian-minded lawmakers. Or that paying attention to him is a dangerous distraction from (insert personal issue).

But if you study the history of politics (not just in America), you'll find behind-the-scenes power-brokers like Pope showing up frequently, and they're often responsible for some pretty radical changes. And most of those changes take decades to recover from, if recovery is even possible.