Weekend wound-up

When it comes to the so-called fiscal cliff, which party will emerge as Wily Coyote and which will be the speeding truck?

And more to the point, is there really even a fiscal cliff?


Other big winners in the 2012 elections

Gays and ganja

An interesting road ahead in the state's rights arena. Will the federal government call an end to its global war on drugs? If not, the Obama administration will have to take legal action against states that have effectively decriminalized pot. As in the case of immigration law, where the federal government challenged Arizona's racist initiative, the feds cannot simply turn a blind eye to new state laws that are at odds with federal statutes.

On the gay front, the cat is definitely out of the bag. With more and more states embracing gay marriage, the US Supreme Court will soon have to deal with the issue, if only because of interstate commerce laws. North Carolina's Amendment One will be relegated to the trash heap of history within four years.