One Presidential Candiate Openly Supports Marriage Equality

"Gay marriage equality is not a trick question, and we shouldn’t be getting trick answers from the President of the United States. Gay Americans deserve better than a President who winks and nods and tries to convince them that he will protect their rights, but refuses to emerge from the closet and support one of the most basic rights – the right to equal access to marriage. And frankly, even opponents of gay marriage deserve the truth from the White House. Is the President for it or against it? Right now, the Administration is trying to have it both ways."

Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party Nominee for President

Gary Johnson is a two-term governor from New Mexico who is a vocal advocate of marriage equality, ending Marijuana Prohibition, responsible Immigration reform, and responsible, efficient government. He won the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party with 70% of the vote on the first ballot.

Judge Jim Gray, a retired CA Superior Court judge and a lifelong advocate to ending the disastrous War on Drugs and "regulating marijuana like wine" was elected to be his running mate.


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Johnson didn't waffle and didn't wait until after Amendment 1 and external pressure to support gay marriage. Obama will support whatever the polls say. Hence, why he didn't address A1 two weeks ago when he was in town. He knew the majority of NC folks supported it. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies...

I think you might have made your point without the last

sentence and not raised a lot of hackles. Truth be told a Libertarian candidate has little chance of winning this race (at the current time) and as much as many of us would like to see President Obama be more forthcoming on numerous fronts, I'll pick him any day over the cyborg, oligarch Romney.

Stan Bozarth

Obviously he's not too concerned about the polls in

in North Carolina, the polls that went 61% the wrong way. Obama could very easily have played it safe and waited until after Nov. to make that statement.

Obama will support whatever the polls say

Johnson has zero chance to be president, and I don't think legalizing pot is a pressing concern for most voters.

With friends like Obama, who needs enemies

Oh yeah, I am sure "president" McCain and "VP" Palin would have been much better on LGBT issues.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

This is why he didnt wait until November!!!

Money, money, money, moneeeeey, money!!

NDAA, Crackdown on state licensed medical marijuana distributors, increase in deportations, Gitmo remains open, refusal to support gay marriage until pressured by large super PAC donors... Yeah what a hero for civil liberties.

George Bush term III. Maybe naïveté is voting for the same parties over and over again and being upset when you get the same results.